Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A Break From the Norm...

Last night was a crazy little detour from our normal nightly routines (which, ironically, we have fallen into out of sheer need, because I always swore I would never be that parent). Our pastor and his wife, along with our children’s pastor and his wife and kids came over for dinner and to start talking about fun kids’ activities for the kids in our church.

Our kids ate before everyone got here, and as the other kids got there, they immediately went down to play with our kids. All of the adults then ate and then we started talking about a set of kids’ activities we plan to do over the next couple of months, and then we briefly touched on VBS. My goal for VBS is to have more than five weeks to play it, so I’d say we’re starting off pretty good :)

It was a really fun night and the kids did really well playing together. Colton actually went down for what I thought was a nap at 7:00 (he was actually down for the night and when he woke up around 1:00 I finally got his PJs on). They all ended up staying until around 10:30, but the night flew by so fast – I couldn’t believe it was that late when they left!

We laughed a lot, which is always a nice break from the normal weekly grind. We spend so many of our nights just trying to get through them (dinner, clean up, homework, baths/showers, play time, etc.) that it’s nice to take some time and laugh, and enjoy the evening.

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Sherry said...

Glad your night was different, just makes your realize that routine isn't all that important, right? Yes sometimes necessary, I know, but the spotaneous fun times are such a nice break. You appreciate them more and seem to laugh more, right?