Friday, February 10, 2012

Friday Recap...

Week wrap-up weekend forecast:

So this week has been yet another busy week (what’s new in our house?). The sad thing? I can’t even remember what we were doing half the time. I know that Wednesday night John’s parents came over for a visit and brought dinner from Bob Evans, which was awesome! Kylie had gymnastics Wednesday and Thursday nights, and the past couple of nights John and I have been helping the kids with their Valentine’s Day boxes (ugghhh…I hate those things!).

So today is the kids’ parties at school, and then tonight, John and I actually get to go on a date! Shocking! John’s sister is having the annual cousins’ sleepover, and Ryan gets to go for the first time this year. So we will drop them off at her house, leave Colton with my parents, and we will get to go to dinner and a movie. Do you know how long it’s been since I’ve been to a theater??? The last time was June 25th for Josh’s birthday party where we saw Cars 2, and the last time I saw an adult movie??? I can’t even remember…

We’re getting a “winter storm” tonight and tomorrow (really only supposed to get 1-2”, but when you haven’t had anything all winter, that sounds like a ton), and I’m looking forward to just staying in the house and not going anywhere tomorrow! I really hope I can relax and enjoy the day with the kiddos!

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