Friday, February 17, 2012

Sleep Training...

Colton is now 13 months (plus a few days). He is one month over the date he was supposed to be done nursing. Apparently, he has had other plans…

None of my kids have slept through the night before I weaned them. It’s a fact in our house that I have lived with through four kids and I’m OK with that…knowing that when they turned one, all bets were off. I never minded (too much) the middle of the night feedings because 1.) I could have them fed and back to bed within 10 minutes and 2.) it helped keep my milk supply up. I have always known that if I didn’t have those middle of the night feedings, my supply would go way down (since I’m not feeding them during the workdays), so I was fine with not getting them to sleep through the night until they were weaned.

But Colton is our last baby, and we’re tired (we are working parents of four kids after all), so going through the process of getting him to sleep through the night has not been at the top of our agenda. Also, it really has to be John that does this because if Colton sees me, he’d want to eat, and it would be much worse.

Lately John’s been sick of hearing me say I’m tired all the time. I had always been telling him, but I think this time it really sank in, that I’m tired because my sleep is being interrupted two times each night to feed Colton. So this week he has been working with Colton to try to get him to sleep through the night!

So far (fingers crossed) it has not been bad…the first night he woke up around 2:15 and cried until about 3:30 and then fell asleep. The next night he woke up and when John went in to see him it’s like he knew this was bad, so he turned his back to John and held on to the back of the crib and screamed. He wanted nothing to do with John! But when all was said and done he only cried for about 20 minutes until he fell asleep. And then last night, he woke up around 4:50, made some noises and fell back asleep (John never even had to go up there). It’s been too easy :) And on top of all this, he has a cold, so I’m even more proud of him for working through this!

As always, I’m thankful that God thought of all of this when he designed babies…the fact that they can be screaming and “hate” you one second and then wake up the next morning forgetting it all and loving you more than anything :)


Sherry said...

Grr for two days I have been trying to post a comment. Let's hope today is the day it works. I do read your blogs every day and love them. You truly are a wonderful writer. I feel like I am right there with you!!
Hang in,Colton will soon sleep through the night and silly, yes he loves you!!! You are amazing girl!!

Kellie said...

Sorry I don't comment much. I try to get here every couple of days and catch up with all of you. I'm a working parent to two kids and my days are flying by...I can only imagine how it must be for you!

I am TERRIBLE at sleep training. I cave after a few minutes of Jonah crying. He is NINETEEN MONTHS OLD and STILL falls asleep sitting with one of us each night. On one hand, it sucks because he needs to put himself to sleep. On the other hand, he is my last baby--those extra 20/30 minutes with him are extra special and hard to let go of. Send John this way, would ya? ;)

Glad he's doing so well with not eating in the middle of the night. Broken sleep--even if you're only up for a short time--wears on a person after a while.