Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A Fabulous Night...

What a relaxing night we had last night!

John and I took Ryan and Colton to a local restaurant that we like (Liberty Tavern)and sat outside. Ryan was absolutely wonderful, and Colton only started fussing in the middle of dinner, so I gave him some mum-mums (rice snacks he can eat himself) and he was happy. The restaurant across the parking lot had a live band, so we got to eat outside in the gorgeous weather, listening to great music, and really have a great time.

After dinner we went over to Rita’s because it was just a few doors down. Ryan got his normal cotton candy and I got my s’mores. We sat outside in the nice chairs and again, just relaxed! Ryan fed CoJo some of his Italian Ice and he loved it :)

When we got home, Ryan’s friend Zora was out, so we popped the chairs out and just sat. The kids played, we talked to our neighbor for a little bit, and then when they had to go in, I went in and got Colton ready for bed and we headed out on a walk. We walked up through the new phase of our development, and then back past our house towards our pond. Some friends were sitting outside down there so we stopped and caught up with them for a while. Finally, as it was just about dark, we heard the thunder rolling in and the lightening start up, so we rushed home. Ryan fell asleep seconds after we laid him in his bed.

I miss the big kids a ton…it’s very weird not having them there and having a quiet house. But I am definitely enjoying the different pace of life we have right now. Even though Josh and Kylie are the “easy” ones, they are also the ones that ask the most questions and need the most “guidance” when it comes to things (“get out of the shower,” “did you brush your teeth?” “drink your milk,” “are you done in the shower yet???” etc.).

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Sherry said...

Sounds like a fun filled evening and I can understand you missing the older two children, but I know they are having fun!!! :)
Have a great day.