Friday, August 12, 2011

11 Years of Happiness...

11 years ago today I married my best friend. Cliché? Definitely. True? Absolutely!

When I try to remember what I was doing at certain times 11 years ago, it’s hard for me to remember. Unfortunately that was before the days of video phones and Flip Videos and blogs. But what does strike me, especially now for some reason, is how extremely young I was…

John and I got married right before our senior year in college. I had only been 21 for 12 days when we made that life-changing decision. 21! To think that I was capable of making such a big decision at that age is a little scary, and even more scary when I think about my own kids coming to me at that age and saying they are getting married. I mean seriously, I stress over deciding where to have a birthday party or where to go on vacation, but 11 years ago when I was just a baby I didn’t stress about marrying John AT ALL!

But obviously us getting married was just another step in God’s plan for our lives. Neither of us had second thoughts (which I find rare when I hear about other guys and their thoughts pre-wedding. Or even pre-engagement for that part). We just knew that we were meant to spend the rest of our lives together. And looking back at our lives it's so obvious to see how everything happend according to God's perfect timeline.

It’s funny how a relationship changes over time… It’s funny to think about how I’ve changed over time. We know each other so well and are so secure in each other, which is such a contrast to how we were the first couple of years we were married!

I’ve heard over and over again that marriages have a “7 year itch,” and if you make it past that you’re good. I couldn’t agree more! I remember when we had hard times with each other and our constant fighting…and then “magically” (right around year 8), we settled down and were so much better.

Johnny you are my best friend in the whole world, and you know me better than anyone else. I thank God for being able to be your girlfriend for the past 14 ½ years and I feel so lucky that you chose me to be your wife. I pray that I can be a better and better wife each day that goes by and that you will always believe that you made the right decision when you asked me to marry you. I love you so much!


Sherry said...

That is absolutely beautiful!!! Happy Anniversary you two, have a fabulous day. And if any two people were meant to be together, it's you two. Look at the beautiful family you made, look at your beautiful life, you are blessed and the great part is , you know it!!!

Anonymous said...

I don't normally comment on blogs, but I have been reading yours for quite some time. I must say that you and your husband seem to be doing an amazing job raising your children to be great Christian adults. You don't see many wonderful Christian parents like you guys now a days. You have an awesome family! How did you and your husband meet?!