Monday, August 15, 2011

Another Great Weekend!

What a weekend!

So Friday was our anniversary, and John and kind of thrown the planning of something on to me, and kind of rightfully so… He always plans great things when it comes to anniversaries/birthdays, so I think he might have been a little tired of planning, on top of being busy with work. So I thought about it and decided that I would surprise him with some golf! We used to play at this little Par 3 in the city we used to live in, long before we had jobs and kids. So I looked the course up and saw that they don’t do tee times during the week, and that league plays were not on Fridays.

So I went home and packed up our clubs and shoes and waited for him to come home. Once he did, and we got my parents settled with the kids, we left and went to lunch. We went to Max & Erma’s for reubens and tortilla soup and had a really nice lunch! After that I started driving, and he didn’t figure out where we were going until we were right there! Success! He was really excited, as was I. We went in to get on the list, and this older guy just looked at us and told us there was a league out there. I told him that I checked the website and this was not a league day, and he just casually said that they were making up a rain-out. That guy did not care at all that my big plans were ruined!

So we left and John started calling golf courses all around trying to get us a tee-time. Of course it happened to be an absolutely gorgeous day out and none were available. He finally found one in our city (so basically I drove for an hour for nothing). We ended up having so much fun, and for me not golfing in a long time (over a year), I did pretty well!

After we were done we headed home and my mom and Kylie left for Michigan to visit my sister. We got Josh and Ryan ready for bed and they went over to my dad’s, and Colton went down to sleep. John made a fire and we sat outside for a long time…it was wonderful! We had our drinks (mine was a great frozen margarita my dad had given me) and we just talked and listened to music. We reminisced about the last 14 years together and dreamt about our future…it was awesome!

Saturday we headed down to Athens because my college roommates and I were having a little 10-year reunion. We got down there around 1:00 and hung out with John’s parents at their house. The boys had a lot of fun playing, and John and I were able to go uptown and grab some OU gear. We then packed the kids up and went to dinner with all my old roommates…it was so good seeing everyone again! Then we took the kids back to John’s parents’ and we headed back to the house we lived in and all sat on the porch remembering our college days. It was a lot of fun catching up with everyone!

Sunday we went to church (even though we didn’t get home until 1:00 that morning!) and then afterwards John and the big boys took a nap. I had wanted to take a nap too but Colton had other plans :) So I went outside and hung out with the neighbors the whole afternoon. John and the boys came out after their naps and it was a relaxing way to end the weekend. The only downside is that our high was only 75 degrees (in August!), and it was cloudy, so I was in pants and a jacket and cold! The guys were making fun of us, but to us, it was chilly!

Now it’s back to work…hopefully this week goes quickly, I’m ready for another weekend!

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Sherry said...

Now that sounds like the perfect week-end chilly or not!! :) This summer over here we would jump for joy if it reached 75 degrees.
Even though your first golf course didn't work out, you had fun and see it was better to hunt, he got his surprise and hey you did to, by not being able to tee off at the first choice!!!
Your reunion sounds great but the best to me was you two outside around the fire just talking. Girl it so can't get any better than that, trust me there!!!!