Tuesday, August 09, 2011

A Crazy VBS Week...

Last week was a crazy, insane week…to put it mildly!

Each day John and I would go to work (and Monday and Tuesday happened to be my busiest days), and then leave at 3:00. We would go home, I would feed Colton, John would steam our shirts, and then we would load up in the car and head out to get dinner and then go to VBS. When we got there, I would get the kids their dinner and John would immediately start getting everything set up. I would help as soon as the kids were done with dinner and everything was cleaned up.

Around 6:00 all of the kids would start coming in and at 6:10 they would come upstairs and we would start song time (with primarily me leading the motions). After a few songs it was time for the skit and prayer and more songs. Then the kids left for their first rotation. I would use this time to feed Colton and catch my breath :) Once the first rotation was done, I would go in and teach the Seahorses (ages 2 to entering Kindergarten) their lesson. Let me tell you, 25 minutes to teach a lesson to kids that age is nuts! I can barely hold their attention on Sunday mornings for 5 minutes! But we sang songs and played games and we made it work :)

During the third rotation I would go around and take pictures of the kids, and then after that was over, all the kids came back upstairs for songs and the Jeopardy game where some adult was nailed (music pastor the first night, children’s pastor the second night, another staff the third night, our head pastor the fourth night and John and I the fifth night. Each night got progressively worse…silly string, toilet paper, shaving cream, whipped cream, blue frosting and finally ending with slime for John and me on Friday :)

After VBS was over, we would clean up and finally head out around 8:45 or 9:00. We would rush home and get the kids ready for bed (if they didn’t need to eat another meal, in which case we would feed them again and then get them ready for bed) and then John and I would just crash.

Friday night was a fun ending in that we had songs and then Carlo gave the lesson to everyone, and then we had refreshments and the kids and families got to play in Sports Ohio. As we loaded everything up that night, it was sad that it was all over :( 5 weeks of planning and pushing hard and fast and now it was over…but it had been fun and worth every second of work!

Saturday we totally relaxed! We headed over to Yutzy’s for customer appreciation day (free hot dogs, popcorn, snow cones, corn on the cob and donuts!) and then came home and just chilled! John, Ryan, Colton and I headed out late Saturday night to pick up the market day stuff for us to give the little kids at church the next day (their reward for all of the points they earned at VBS). Sunday we had our VBS recap during service where the kids sang two songs and John and I talked about the week. Then the kids went in to market day and got really cool prizes!

After church we put up the big waterslide and just relaxed in the sun with the neighbors. It was gorgeous out! Then that night we went to dinner with a couple of the neighbors. John and I had it easy as Kylie and Josh went down to Athens with my dad…they won’t be back until Thursday night! I miss them a ton, but I have to admit, I am enjoying this week of only having two kids…it is so much easier!

So we’re trying to recuperate! Each night we’re having easy dinners and trying to just sit and relax…such a change from the way things have been the last couple of weeks!

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