Monday, June 13, 2011

Potty Training...Again!

We decided to potty train Ryan (for good) on Saturday. The night before we realized that we didn’t have anything going on Saturday and it would be a great day to give it yet another go. So we woke up and put him in underwear. The nice thing was that it was warm out, so he could run around (in his undershirt and underwear only :) ) and we didn’t have to worry about him having accidents on the carpet.

We brought the little potty out and set it up in the garage and John, the kids and I cleaned the garage out while constantly asking Ryan if he needed to go potty. He did so well going in the potty and getting his emmies (M&Ms). When we were done cleaning, we took him inside and we took showers. Ryan took one with John and then I took mine. While I was in the shower, John looked over at Ryan and saw him in our closet looking guilty! That stinker had peed on my carpet and pooped in his underwear! We were so mad! We got everything cleaned up and after a few minutes Ryan looked up at me and said “sorry Mommy.” I feel like he got it, but who knows! The rest of the day went great! And when we had to run an errand, we put the big plastic underwear-things over his normal Thomas underwear and he was still dry when we got back!

Sunday we went to church and he stayed dry! We went to a nursing home for the kids to sing and he stayed dry! We went to a park for lunch and he started to go but stopped and went in the potty! Then the rest of the day yesterday he did great…including when we went to the driving range and out to dinner!

He’s still in a pull-up when he sleeps, and he has not yet pooped on the potty, but I’m still calling this a success! If we can eliminate him wearing diapers most of the time, I will be one happy momma!!!

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