Thursday, June 02, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend 2011...

Memorial Day Weekend!

It was a fabulous weekend…relaxing for the most part and full of great warmth and SUNSHINE! After the rainy weeks we’ve had it was wonderful to see!

Friday night we loaded up our kids and Kylie’s BFF and headed to CiCi’s pizza. I couldn’t believe that we were able to feed all of us for $27!! It was such a cheap and good meal! We all came home and crashed into bed as it was a pretty late dinner.

Saturday morning I got up to go walking with my neighbor. Getting up was no small feat as Colton had been up SCREAMING at various points throughout the night. We don’t know what was wrong with him, but he had done it the night before. It was horrible because nothing would calm him, and I believed it was reflux or tummy issues because he kept stiffening up and arching his back. But the walk felt great and as always it was great to catch up with Kimmy. When I got home, John and Josh headed off to football practice. After that we hung out outside and then Kylie and I went to see Aunt Sarah to get our hair done. After our hair appointments, we hung out outside some more with our neighbors and the kids got out the big waterslide. We all decided to go to dinner together and headed to El Vaquero’s for some strawberry margaritas :) Colton fell asleep at the beginning of the meal, so it was a wonderful dinner out on the patio. The kids were all really good, as was the food!

Sunday morning we went to church and then headed over to my niece’s house for her 4th birthday party. We got a great picture of the grandparents with all eight of their grandchildren, and all of the kids played in the little pool. After a few hours there we headed home to get the younger kids a nap and give John’s parents the computer they ordered. As soon as Ryan and Colton woke up we headed out to the graduation party of our old babysitter’s daughter. It was fun reminiscing back to how Josh and Kylie were when they went there every day. We also learned (the hard way) that Colton does not want to fall asleep in his carrier in the car. If he is really tired, he will scream and scream until you get him out and either hold him or lay him in his bed. He’s like that with strollers too…he just won’t fall asleep!

Monday morning we woke up and headed to our local Memorial Day parade. We’re usually in Charlotte for Memorial Day, so we’ve never been to the parade before. We sat next to our neighbors and were hot and miserable the whole time, but enjoyed it :) It was a neat parade, and when it was over, we took the kids to get ice cream. After that we headed to the grocery store to pick up some items for a cookout later that day with the neighbors and then home to get the waterslide out!

We set up both waterslides (ours and our neighbor’s), a table full of snacks, and our chairs and tried not to move all afternoon. Colton went down for a very long nap, and Ryan took a long nap as well, so I was really able to relax and enjoy myself. It got so hot (high in the mid-90’s) that Kimmy and I actually went down the waterslide a few times! When Ryan woke up he had a blast playing in the water and going down the slide too. When Colton woke up, I brought him outside and had him in the stroller, and then his Bumbo chair (that was so nicely given to us by John’s sister Jamie), and then finally laid him out on the towel with me (sunscreened of course). I was talking to the girls when all of a sudden I looked down and he had fallen asleep! No swaddle, no crying, nothing! So I picked him up and moved him to the towel laying between the stroller and a chair (so that I could drape a towel over him) and he didn’t flinch! He had a nice second nap out there!

We cooked up some food (which was the first solid meal that we had had that day…what a great mom I am :) ), and had a great dinner with some neighbors. After that it was clean-up time and bath time :)

It was a wonderful weekend. I got a lot of good sun and we all had a lot of fun together.


Sherry said...

I so enjoy your post and each time I just feel like I am there with everyone, relaxing, enjoying family, life and neighbors. Your days are always so full of love it's amazing!!!
The pic of your parents with the kids is GREAT a framer for sure. Love the ones of the kids on the waterslides too, looks like a beautiful day, I think we will see some of that this weekend!!!
Glad you had a great weekend and I love ALL the pics.

Christy said...

It looks so nice and warm, and it look like you guys had an amazing weekend! Your children and so beautiful, I've missed read about them and how they are doing.