Thursday, June 09, 2011

Last Day of School...

It is official, I have a 3rd grader and a 1st grader on my hands :) Tuesday, June 7th, was the kids’ last day of school. Last day of school means parties, water balloons, and the customary “can my friend come over after school and spend the night since it’s not a school night?”

John and I took Ryan over (Colton stayed back with Miss Gee) and started at Kylie’s party since that’s the one that started first. We watched them do balloon races, limbo, and get wet from the water balloons. We went and checked on Josh, who was still eating lunch, and then back to Kylie’s party.

When it was time for Josh’s party, we headed down there (their classrooms were on opposite sides of the building). It’s so funny the difference between a Kindergarten party and a second grade party. For Kylie’s, only about ½ of the parents were there, but for Josh’s, every parent was there! His room was packed where Kylie’s was definitely more comfortable. Kylie’s party was so laid back whereas Josh’s constantly had activities going on. It’s definitely fair to say that parents get “older and wiser” when it comes to class parties as the years go by!

We went back to Kylie’s party and finished up there and took her and Rachel (her BFF who was spending the night at our house) back to Josh’s party. By this time his class was outside doing the water balloon thing. Poor little guy got hurt and John thought it would make him feel better if he got me wet with a water balloon :) As Josh’s class was heading back in, I got to see the 5th grade send-off. Parents and students line the hallways and cheer as the 5th graders run through for the last time (our middle school is 6th, 7th and 8th grades). I definitely had tears in my eyes as they did this, knowing that in just a few short years that would be my little girl…the time has gone by too fast as it is.

So Josh and I gathered everything up and said “good-bye” to both of his teachers (his “real” teacher had gone on maternity leave back in March but was back for the party). We went and picked up our neighbor who was going to come over and play with Josh the rest of the afternoon, and headed home. As I walked the halls, I told John that we would blink and it would be the first day of school again before we knew it.

That afternoon all the kids played together. Unfortunately we got a pretty bad storm, so they were stuck inside (I think I was more bummed about this than they were). But on the upside, the kids got to see hail for the first time, and it was pretty big!

That night, after the neighbor boys had gone home, we headed out to McDonald’s and then to Rita’s. We figured it was a great way to end the last day of school :) Then John put the tent up in our loft and the girls “camped out.” They had colored grass and put it up against the walls and put “lily pads” on the floor. It’s funny because they actually ended up sleeping in the bed :)

So another year done, and most of me is so glad! It will be so nice not having to worry about homework and getting to bed early, and checking folders each night and studying for spelling tests! But of course, I’m also sad that my babies are growing up :(

Kylie with her teacher, who she loved, and is super excited because she gets to have her again next year!

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Sherry said...

Oh wow they are growing up so fast and I do appreciate all the pics and your post. I feel like I am there watching them grow, and knowing how you "over think" and get emotional!! :) The parents that slack off with the kids activities as they get older are missing so much, but I know you will never miss out on one little thing for the kids. They know that too and that's why their smiles are so genuine in each and every picture. Happy Summer to the kids, and you of course!!!!