Monday, June 27, 2011

Another Busy Weekend...

What a weekend, let me tell you!

I got to leave work early on Friday thanks to our summer hours program at work. Since Miss G was watching the kids on Friday, I decided to have lunch with my friend Sarah before heading home. After a nice lunch with her I went home and wished my little boy a very happy 6th birthday!

In my head I had a whole plan of what we were going to do that afternoon, but the neighbor kids were over playing with my kids, so I didn’t want to be a meanie and send them home when everyone was having such a great time. So while Colton and Ryan were sleeping, I cleaned out my closet and got a couple of bags ready to take to Goodwill. As I’m finishing up, another one of the neighbor kids comes over to play.

I go down to check on the kids a little while later, and I see Joshie sleeping on the couch! Kylie said that while they were playing he sat on the couch and got super tired and just fell asleep! So she and the neighbor kids made a present for him while he was sleeping :) He was so tired that when I asked him if he still wanted to come and pick out his cupcakes he told me to go so that he could keep sleeping!

So my dad came over and watched the boys while Kylie and I headed into town to pick out some birthday cupcakes. We have a local cupcake shop that makes wonderful cupcakes and now also has divine chocolates! So we picked out some really great flavors of cupcakes and chocolates and headed home. Josh woke up shortly after we got back, and we asked him where he wanted to go to dinner and he said “McDonald’s” – what a surprise! I asked him what his second choice was and he said “Burger King!” We compromised with Wholly Joe’s – a Chicago hot dog/pizza place that is wonderful! Thankfully he loved the idea!

The only downside to the weekend was that it was also the weekend of our local festival, so that meant that John’s company had their normal booth there and John would be working there all Friday night and all day Saturday.

After dinner at Wholly Joe’s, we headed home and had cupcakes and Joshie opened his present from Kylie and Ryan. We had picked out Cars Monopoly, and he seemed to like it. So we all sat down and played a quick game before sending everyone to bed.

Saturday morning I got up and did my weekly 7 AM walk with the neighbor girls. I swear the 1 hour walk goes by way too quickly each week! After that I started cooking for the cookout that we were going to that night. John’s parents came and picked Joshie up because they were taking him and my nephew, whose birthday was that day, out shopping for their birthday presents. They gave each of them $100 to spend however they wanted to…and guess what Joshie got? GoGos…and batting gloves…and more GoGos :)

When John’s parents got back with the boys, Jody rocked Colton on the porch while I took Kylie and Josh to meet Miss G, who was taking them to her son KC’s birthday party. When I got back I sat on the porch with her and chatted while Colton peacefully slept in her arms. It was so relaxing! Dad was inside playing with Ryan, so I went in and made them lunch and sent Ryan over to my dad’s to take a nap with him.

When John’s parents left, I loaded Colton up and headed to the festival. I parked kind of far away and really enjoyed the walk into town with just Colton. He was content just riding in his stroller and the weather was gorgeous! We met John and ate some great “fair food” for lunch. Then Colton and I left to go pick out a birthday present and head home. Again, it was so nice just hanging out with Colton, especially when I was in the store and had him in his sling right up against me!

When we got home I finished up my cooking, Kylie and Joshie came home, and we all packed up and headed over to the neighbor’s for a cookout and to watch the fireworks later. It was a mix of neighbors and some of their other friends that I’ve met a few times since this was the 3rd annual cookout they’ve had. They best surprise for Kylie was when Brendan showed up :) He is her little boyfriend, and his brother plays on our neighbor’s baseball team, so they were invited, but we didn’t tell Kylie that he was coming :) She was so cute! All of the kids played really well together!

John arrived right before the fireworks started and as usual, our town had a great display! As soon as they were over I took Colton home to eat and put him to sleep and John and the kids followed shortly after.

Sunday morning was church and then John went golfing while I took the kids to a Build-a-Bear birthday party. Overall their behavior was really good and outside of constantly trying to keep my eye on Ryan, it was pretty easy. We finally left around 3:45 and headed home, where Colton and Ryan took naps and Kylie and Joshie played. When John got home from golfing he mowed the grass and we all played outside and I painted Kylie’s nails. I made a really good dinner using peas from the garden (I was supposed to also use parsley from the garden but I accidentally threw that away before I put it in the food :( ). We had tried to get the kids to bed early, but they didn’t actually get into bed until 8:30, and they crashed hard! Except for Ryan, because he had just woken up from a 3 hour nap at 7:00 :)

So a good and busy weekend. I keep saying I want to slow down, but I just don’t know how to do it. When we’re in the moment it doesn’t feel crazy busy or chaotic, but writing it all out it sounds like we don’t have time to breathe. Maybe I’ll get a chance to sit down next weekend :)

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Sherry said...

BUSY is certainly and understatement, wow. You have
a full full weekend, how do you manage???? Sounds like a great time was had by all and Josh's b'day cupcakes, yummm!!!!!
I bet you go back to work to rest, right?