Monday, June 06, 2011

Football in the Shoe...

What a weekend!

Friday, John and I took off work, as we usually do at this time, and headed to the Memorial Tournament. This year was super nice because our neighbors and good friends went with us too! We got there around 12:00, went to the house on the 18th that we’re lucky enough to go to each year, and sat at a table for a good chunk of the day! I drank a bunch of vodka/lemonades and ate some good food! Some of our other friends were there as well and for yet another year, we had an awesome day!

That evening we came home and decided to go to a local hot dog place with those same friends and all the kids. We had a great dinner! Then we headed over to the mall because Kimmy and I were going to go shopping, but John ended up getting a migraine, so we headed home shortly after we got there.

Saturday morning we got up bright and early and headed to the Horseshoe (the stadium the Ohio State Buckeyes play in). It was the day of Joshie’s flag football tournament! Our first game was at 9:00 AM and the weather was gorgeous! The Saints won and the boys had a ton of fun! We headed out to the parking lot where one of the families had set up a tailgating tent with tons of food for everyone! It was so nice! After that we got on the bus and headed to the second game, which was at some fields down the street. By this time it was getting really hot, but thankfully, all of the kids (including Ryan and Colton) didn’t complain at all. The boys ended up losing their second game, and to be honest, I wasn’t that sad…by now it was 1:00 and we were exhausted!

So we went home and John, Ryan and Colton took naps while I took the other kids out to the waterslide that our neighbors had set up. I hung out with everyone for a few hours and then my dad and I went to get the plants for the vegetable garden. When we got back, Kimmy and I headed to the mall to do the shopping that we didn’t get to do the night before. After shopping, she and I had dinner at a pub at the mall and sat outside and had a really nice time. It was great to not have to worry about the kids, or even our husbands for a few hours :)

Sunday we went to church and then to the mall with our house church group so that the kids could play in the play area and we could discuss the future of house church for the summer. After that I took Kylie into Justice and got her some fun summer clothes. After we left the mall we went on a mission looking for Sharpies for Josh, and not just any Sharpies, “little ones, in gold and silver.” We went to a couple of different places, until he finally had to settle on little ones in red and green and black and big silver and gold ones.

After we found the Sharpies, all of the kids fell asleep in the car, so we drove around and looked at some big, gorgeous houses that John had seen on google maps :) The houses were really big and really neat to look at.

When we got home we cleaned up and then got to work on the garden. John tilled while I spread dirt. We realized that we need a ton more dirt, so the garden will have to wait to be finished until Tuesday :( Then we went in to eat dinner and relax before bedtime.

I’m excited about this week because Tuesday is the kids’ last day of school, so I’m taking a ½ day and then I’m off Friday because we’re taking the kids on a surprise trip down to Louisville to see the Louisville Slugger museum with our neighbors.


Kim3278 said...

OMG...that smile on Colton's face:-) We took T to the Slugger museum when she was three and she was clueless...but you can get personalized bats and she loves that:) It was a little loud in the factory.

BTW: What is the league for the flag football. I want to check it out for bubba.


Sherry said...

Sounds like another fantastic weekend and the pictures tell it all!! The kids will be so excited aoubt the Slugger museum, what an awesome surprise!!1