Thursday, May 05, 2011

Weekend Recap...A Little Late :)

Thursday already? Really? Where on earth did the week go???

Well here is the weekend recap from last weekend…just in time for the next weekend :)

Friday night Josh had his first real sleepover. His friend Noah came over Friday evening, and since I knew the house was going to be super crazy anyway, Kylie had her BFF Rachel spend the night too. We had pizza for dinner, milkshakes for dessert, and the house was a crazy madhouse! I think the kids (who all slept down in the playroom) finally fell asleep around 11:30. Unfortunately for John (only because he’s the one that heard them and got up), certain kids were back up at 5:15 the next morning. Our house does not get up that early, even on a workday!!!

So Saturday we took all the friends home and Josh and John went to football practice. After that we hung around the house for a while until John’s parents came over for a little visit before we all headed out to Kylie’s last gymnastics meet of the season – Championships! And thankfully, my parents kept Josh and Ryan and brought them closer to when the meet actually started (there are about 2 hours of warm-ups and stuff before a meet even starts).

Kylie did wonderfully at her meet! She had her highest bar score and her highest all-around score! She got 4 medals and 1 trophy and all red ribbons. We were so proud of her! She wanted to go to Olive Garden for dinner afterwards, so we went over there and waited about an hour since we were a party of 8. By the time we sat down for dinner, it was 9:00! But the kids were amazing! And outside of poor Ryan constantly rubbing his eyes, you wouldn’t have known that the kids were even tired. It was really a wonderful dinner and I had such a great time.

Sunday was church and a football game. Yet again it was chilly and on the brink of raining the whole time, which stunk, but Joshie did really well (pulled some flags and scored a couple of times). Afterwards we came home and just tried to chill and get ready for the upcoming week.

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Sherry said...

Oh congratulations to Kylie on her gymnastics and the pictures show the pride and happiness.
And are you NUTS?? hahaha two for a sleepover at once?? Girl you so need the purple heart that's for sure, but I know the kids sounded like they had fun!! :)
Glad you had a great weekend, late dinner and all!!
Love all the pics, so neat.