Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Happy 8th Birthday Kylie...

My Princess,

Today you are 8 years-old. Wow. I know I say this every year but I can’t help it…where has the time gone? You are blossoming into such a young lady! You ask questions that adults would ask; your mind is always going a thousand miles a minute; you often talk like an adult. Stop it!!! Stay little!!! :)
Daddy and I surprised you for lunch at school today. I brought you Sonic to eat and we sat and laughed and joked with you and your friends. We talked about boyfriends and Daddy told everyone that you couldn’t have a boyfriend until you’re 30, but the boys could have girlfriends now. You were so happy to see us and kept giving us hugs :)

You are about to complete the second grade. You have Mrs. Burns as a teacher, and were super excited when you learned that she was going to be looping and that you would have her again next year. You started the year with addition facts for math and are currently on division and learning fractions. You have done three full presentations in class (Brazil, your science experiment showing how heat rises and the wax museum where you were Jane Goodall), and rocked every single one of them. Your best friend this year has been Rachel and you guys see each other at least once a week outside of school, and usually more than that.

This past year you have been really into Monster High Dolls, American Girl dolls, and now, Lalaloopsie dolls. You have been so creative with making houses and furniture for whichever type of doll you are playing with. We have also had to teach you some lessons about money and not always getting what you want…you had been telling everyone to get you American Girl dolls for your birthday! But you’re smart, and I think you’re starting to understand that everything costs money.

This past year you have lost some teeth…four to be exact! Your hair has been short and long. You have been able to get yourself completely ready in the mornings and completely ready for bed (unless you want me to flat iron your hair…I still get to do that :) ). You were a flower girl for the first time in Aunt Cindy and Uncle Josh’s wedding. Your freckles are multiplying :)

You and I are starting to have some rough patches, but I’m hoping that as you are testing your limits and learning about life, you will remember that I love you more than anything…you are my only girl and you’ll always be my only girl, and because of that, you are so incredibly special to me! I hope you know that you can always talk to me about anything…no matter what, I am always here for you!

I love you so much princess!



Sherry said...

so beautiful , you are awesome with your words. I know years from now Kylie will read all of her birthday postings from you and have a smile on her face the entire time. She is such a lucky girl to have you and the rest of the family.

Christy said...

Such a beautiful girl you have! I just find it hard to believe she is already 8! Happy birthday to her!