Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Weekend 2011...

Yet another crazy weekend was enjoyed by the family :)

Good Friday started off not so good for Johnny :( He went in to get snip-snipped, the big V, early Friday morning. Now, I have been pushing him to get this done for months now, but always claimed that he was too busy to make the call. So when he called me Wednesday last week and told me he was getting it done Friday, one would think I would have been elated. But instantly I felt sad, and worried about whether this was the right decision. My head knew it was, but my heart and my mommy feelings were sneaking in telling me that maybe we could do one more kid? Are we really ready for such a permanent procedure???

So for the next 2 days I kept wrestling with these feelings. I kept talking to John and he was so excited that he had gotten it scheduled and that he could finally get this done – he just couldn’t sympathize with my feelings. Thankfully he got better at talking them through with me, and reminding me that we had kids young for a reason, and that we would like to enjoy some time while we’re still “young” when our kids are gone. I knew he was right…

We got there and even up until he went into the back to have it all done I was having a hard time. But then when he came out, it’s like those feelings disappeared! I felt so free and I haven’t looked back since. Even now writing this, I feel good knowing that Colton is our last child and things will only get easier from here (and by easier, I just mean diapers, sleepless nights, etc. – I’m not delusional and I know that these years will be no match for the teen years!). I think having the whole weekend to take care of the kids by myself while John recovered on the couch solidified the thoughts even more :)

Thankfully John really felt fine the whole weekend, but he listened to his doctor and sat all day Friday and Saturday. I took Kylie and Colton shopping on Saturday and then spent the rest of the day cleaning up after everyone :)

Easter Sunday we all got up and went to church. Denny had a great message and Kylie and Josh’s class sung a song that sounded wonderful! After church we went home and the kids looked for their Easter baskets. Kylie ended up finding all of them I think :) Even little Colton got a basket with pacis and swimming trunks in it :) The only downside to the day was that while it was a nice temperature outside, it was so rainy and gross :( I didn’t get my normal outside Easter picture of the kids and we didn’t do an Easter egg hunt, much to Joshie’s dismay.

After that John, Colton and Ryan took naps while I played with Kylie and then started cooking. We had a really nice Easter dinner of lamb, asparagus and potatoes (followed by cookie pizza) with my parents and Cindy and Big Josh. After dinner John sat outside with Josh and Ryan while Kylie, Colton and I stayed in a watched Ramona and Beezus. Then it was bedtime and let me tell you, I crashed into bed!


Sherry said...


Sherry said...

wow today it worked haha. the "hi" was just a test!! I have been commenting on each of your blogs but this $#@$ thing is finicky and doesn't like me for some reason lately. Alot going on in your house but all good. The blog with your daughter and her ways, doesn't make you a failure at all Trust me, she is testing you and pushing her boundries, but you and your hubby are strong and determined, so all will be aok.
Glad John is feeling aok now and his Easter wasn't ruined :)
Love all the pictures of your kids, so beautiful and girl you have the perfect family and life, you are an inspiration to all.
Have a great day and I hope this likes me now so my comments actually do get posted!!! :) I check your blog daily and love them .

Kellie said...

So glad you overcame your feelings of what if and sadness of the Big V. While I KNOW I am done at two, I am sad now and then. It's a big decision.

Love the last two shots of all your kids. Such a gorgeous family!

Kim3278 said...

Can I just say how cute Colton is with all those big kids! He looks so little in comparison! Also, what is it with little girls and their poses. I think Kylie and Tatum had the exact same pose..can they not just say cheese? :-)

I am glad John and you both make peace with your decisions!