Thursday, May 12, 2011

Colton Update...

I actually have a baby that is a good sleeper at a young age...I can't believe it!

Kylie was a HORRIBLE sleeper! I'm sure most of the problem was that she was our first and we just wanted to hold her all the time. She didn't end up sleeping through the night until she was over 1 and didn't go to bed easily until she was at least 2.

When Josh came along, I got smart and put him in a bassinette in our room. When he was 8 months I moved him over to the crib in his room and after about 2 nights of crying (and only about 20 minutes at that), he could be put to bed awake and put himself to sleep. From then on he was a great sleeper (although didn't sleep through the night until after he was 1 and I weaned him).

With Ryan, I did the same thing as Josh - bassinette in our room, but I still had to hold him until he fell asleep and then laid him down in his bed. I decided to move him to the crib when he was 6 months, and like Josh, after a couple of nights I was able to lay him down awake and he put himself to sleep. And also like Josh, he didn't sleep through the night until after he was 1 and weaned.

Colton? Even better! For the past three nights and during naps we've been able to just bundle him up and lay him in his bassinette and he puts himself to sleep. Since he was about 1 month old he has slept in long stretches at night (with the exception of the last few weeks). And at 4 months of age, I am contemplating moving him to the crib in his sure would save us from constantly trying to keep quiet while he's napping.

So I'm thankful...thankful that I have an easy-going baby and thankful that I'm getting some sleep at night myself :)

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Sherry said...

What is it they say??? Oh yeah "practice makes perfect" You learn with each child so it has all paid off!!! Nice isn't it, to put your child down and know he will soon be sleeping. No fussing or walking the floor. Of course the other saying is "You get better with age" haha but that doesn't apply to you, not yet anyway!!! :) Have a great day!!