Wednesday, May 11, 2011

An Absolutely Fabulous Day!

What an amazing day I had yesterday!

Our nanny needed the day off, so I stayed home with the kids it was the best day…I feel so rejuvenated and relaxed and happy after it! The day started off rocky with Ryan’s diaper leaking and me having to wash bedding first thing in the morning, but after that it was smooth sailing! I got everyone ready for school and we all walked in the gorgeous weather! I love taking/picking the kids up from school when it’s warm and sunny outside!

After that I loaded up Ryan and Colton in the stroller and my neighbor, who had also taken yesterday off work, and I headed out for an hour-long walk. I got some great exercise let me tell you! My legs were definitely sore afterwards! After that, Ryan wanted to eat lunch (and it was only 10:50!) so I made him lunch and fed Colton. After lunch Ryan asked me if I would “take him up to nap,” so I carried him up and put him to bed. Then I bundled Colton up in his swaddle-thing and laid him in his bassinette and crossed my fingers he would put himself to sleep. I went downstairs and did some things, checked on Colton and saw him wiggling around, but not making a sound, did some more things, and checked on Colton again and found him sound asleep! I was so happy! So I finished up a bunch of chores around the house (which included bringing up the exersaucer and cleaning it up for Colton), make a Paula Dean cake, ate lunch, and 2 hours later Ryan called me up to his room. I smuggled him with kisses and we went downstairs and got ready to play outside.

Soon after that Colton woke up, so I fed him and then we all headed out to the grocery store. Ryan was so good! He’s such a cutie when it comes to food/grocery shopping. I always ask him what I should buy and he tells me “grapes and blueberries and oranges and strawberries and blueberries.” Colton was good until about the last 15 minutes where he started in with his screaming thing. He’s not crying-screaming, he’s just screaming because he wants to talk and doesn’t think anyone is listening to him :)

I put all the groceries away as soon as I got home. I put Colton in the exersaucer and I could see how overwhelmed he was! There were so many toys and so many colors. One time he looked at me and started to cry, but then I rubbed his head and talked to him and he was OK :) Then we went outside in the gorgeous weather for a little bit before leaving to pick the kids up from school. Again, a gorgeous walk over there and the kids were all in great moods too!

Once we got home I immediately wrapped Colton up and laid him in his bed again because he was so tired. Again, he went right to sleep :) Then I started working on dinner since my neighbor and I had decided to do a dinner together. We made a really, really good dinner. It involved some pan-cooked rib eye steaks on top of a four cheese pasta with added peas from Pioneer Woman, a salad and some garlic bread. Our table was stuffed with 6 kids, my neighbor and her mom, John and me. I couldn’t have asked for a better dinner! Oh yeah, and then we had toffee butter cake from Paula Dean :)

After dinner my neighbor had to take her kids to sporting events, so John and I headed outside with our kids. Colton sat in the stroller while Kylie and I jumped on the trampoline and John, Josh and Ryan played baseball. The weather was still so gorgeous! After a while of jumping, Kylie and I got her Kindle and my Nook and laid on the hammock and read. Josh saw us and ran in and got a book and the three of us laid there and read for a while. Josh wanted to go on a walk, so we loaded Ryan up in the stroller, Colton into the Baby Bjorn, and Josh and Kylie got their scooters. We walked up through the new phase of our development.

Once we got home it was snack time and then baths and bed. We had all kids into bed by 8:50 (including Colton, who again, I just wrapped up and laid down in his bed!) and John and I watched a little TV and then went to sleep ourselves. And as a super bonus, Colton only got up once during the night, unlike his “usual” of 3 times that he has been doing the past 3 weeks.

So that was my day off, and like I said, it was one of the best days ever!

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