Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Colton: 4 Months

Colton turned 4 months old last week (on my dad’s birthday to be exact). He went to the doctor yesterday and these are his stats:

Weight: 15 lbs. 8 oz (60%)
Height: 26 ¾” (94% - holy cow!)
Head: 41 ¾ cm (35%)

As you can see, this kid is a “tall” one! I’m used to having kids that are fat and short, not average in weight and long! We’ll see if this stays or evens out over the next couple of years… :)
He is becoming more and more fun every day. I hate the fact that he is getting bigger and my “baby” is going away, but thankfully with each day he gets older, he also gets more fun. He smiles and laughs a lot now and he is rolling all over the place! And he keeps trying to sit up that little stinker!

As far as sleeping goes, I can now bundle him up like a burrito in his swaddling blanket and lay him in his bed and he goes to sleep. He is still getting up twice a night, which I’m not happy about, but at least I don’t have any problems getting him back to sleep in his bed after he eats each time!

When he wakes up he is so happy! When I hear him “talking” I’ll unwrap him and watch him happily stretch his arms out and kick his little legs. He just smiles and smiles at me!

The kids are all great with him, and with him getting bigger I can tell they are having more fun with him as well. Ryan is the cutest…if I walk into the room he’s in holding Colton, Ryan, in his sing-song little voice stops what he’s talking about and says “Oh hi Colton!” He says it like he hasn’t seen him in weeks and he’s so excited he’s come to join him :)

I think we’ve all completely adjusted to him being a part of the family now. If he’s not around the kids will ask where he is, and when the kids are praying, they usually remember to include him now :)

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Sherry said...

What a sweet lil guy, well sweet and happy just like all your other kids!!! The lil man has it made in that stroller, just kicking back enjoying life, love those pics!!!!!