Monday, April 18, 2011

A Great Weekend!

What a busy, long, great weekend!

This past weekend went by way too quickly, as usual, but at times, it seemed to last forever, so it was a good mix :) we started Friday night by braving the rain and heading to dinner as a family. We were going to go to a local place, but the wait was 40 minutes in a small space, so we decided to go somewhere else and ended up going to one of our all-time favorites, Salvi’s. The kids were amazing (even Colton!) and we had a really nice dinner.

Saturday morning John and Josh headed out to football practice and the other kids and I started the day slowly with some relaxing. After John and Josh got back I spent a good chunk of the day on the couch with Colton – his reflux was bothering him pretty badly and the only way he would stay asleep was if I held him. After a while I was able to lay him down and Kylie, Josh, John and I went down to play Guesstures together. We had so much fun and it was cute when Ryan came down from his nap and played too. Later that afternoon we headed to the golf store for John to try out some clubs. He got all kinds of gift certificates for Christmas and his birthday and now he needs to decide which set he wants to buy.

After that we headed out about 25 minutes and went to a local Amish restaurant. John had been here before but I hadn’t, so I was really excited to get some great food! While we waited (40 minutes), Kylie and I went and browsed through the store and bakery while John stayed with the boys. I love the fact that John doesn’t bat an eye at the thought of staying with some/all of the kids. I wasn’t going to leave him standing there with them by himself, but he urged me to go and look around. So Kylie and I had a good time together looking through all of the neat little things they had, as well as buying some fabulous donuts in the bakery!

When we finally got to our table we had a fabulous server, the food was great, and again, the kids were amazing! Colton did great up until the end when he started whining, and rightfully so because he needed his diaper changed! We went home and ate dessert and then the kids headed off to bed.

Sunday we got up for church and unfortunately, because of Joshie’s football games, had to take two cars. John and Josh left church early to get pictures taken, and the other kids and I waited until church was over. The sun was shining, and the temperature was in the upper 50’s, but the wind was HORRIBLE! So I knew the least amount of time I had to entertain the kids outside, the better. So I took Kylie, Ryan and Colton to Chipotle and we had a really good lunch. Poor Ryan was so tired he kept laying his head down on the table and didn’t eat much of his lunch.

We got to the football fields at a great time…had about 10 minutes to get over to Joshie’s field and set up shop before the game started. It’s quite comical all of the gear that we are required to bring to a game – chairs for myself, Kylie and Ryan, the wagon to put the chairs and/or Ryan in, the stroller for Colton, the diaper bag and the camera. It stunk because since John was already there, I only had Kylie to help me. So she pulled the wagon with Ryan in it, and I pushed Colton through the grass to the field that Josh was playing on.

Remember when I said the wind was bad? When I was trying to get everything set up, the stroller, holding Colton strapped in his car seat (thank goodness!), flipped over, by the wind! It was the scariest thing I have ever seen. I ran over and got it backed up and thankfully Colton just kept opening his eyes (he had been asleep) and had a look on his face that said “what is going on?” He was not harmed at all, and again, I’m so very grateful that he was TIGHTLY strapped into his carrier.

I finally got everything set up (with the stroller wedged between the wagon and my chair) and the game started. I love these games, partially because Josh has been playing with some of these kids for 4 seasons now, so it’s nice to hang out with the parents each Sunday. As a bonus, our friends from church, whose son had to move up due to age this season, were hanging out waiting for their later game, so it was an even better “reunion” of the old team. My one friend also brought a little tent with her and we staked that to the ground and the kids sat in that so the wind didn’t bother them.

It was a double-header day, so after the first game (which we lost :( ), we headed down to a different field and set up shop again. John’s parents arrived, and so did my mom. Ryan was so tired and I really wanted to get some pictures of Josh, so he curled up on Grandpa’s lap and slept for the whole second game. Colton needed to eat and have a diaper change, so I missed some of the second game (again, so thankful for the tent my friend brought!), but overall Colton did extremely well with the horrible chilly wind. And it was nice having my friends around to help rock his stroller or peak in on him when he needed it. And Joshie won the second game! Overall he pulled a bunch of flags and scored a couple of times.

After the game we loaded up the cars and headed home. John took Josh and Ryan with his parents to watch our nephew’s football game, and I put Colton to sleep. Kylie and I spent some time together looking up American Girl doll toys and watching Cupcake Wars. When the boys got home we ate some dinner and then went downstairs to play some Wii together (after Ryan begged me to go to bed at 7:30). Then it was bedtime for the kiddos and clean-up time for the big people :)

Noteworthy things from the weekend:

My mom said that Colton rolled over. I know he can get to his side very easily, but I hadn’t seen him roll completely over yet. I hope it was a fluke…I’m not ready for him to be mobile yet!

It’s officially spring/summer as John has brought out the mower. It’s funny that he has such a reputation in the neighborhood that this was actually said to me by some neighbors…and it couldn’t be more true!

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