Thursday, April 07, 2011

Another Post So Soon???

Today is my third day back to work and I can’t believe how fast the week has gone by! With me being so busy at work and then coming home to a rushed dinner and off to an activity, I feel like I’m going to bed not long after I wake up :)

Our new nanny is working out so wonderfully! She keeps saying that her goal is to make our lives easier, and she is definitely following through on that – yesterday she actually went into each of the bedrooms looking for laundry to do! Colton had an amazing day with her yesterday and will hopefully continue to have great days with her. Having great childcare definitely makes going to work so much easier!

Our weather is finally starting to warm up, thankfully! Joshie’s first football game in Sunday and it’s supposed to be 79 degrees and sunny! We are so ready for warm weather and ready to be outside each evening!

I think that’s all we have going on right now…it feels so good to get back into the “normal” routine! I love that I have had my maternity leaves to prove to me just how much I love my job and I love being a working momma!


Sherry said...

not sure if this will work. I comment every day and somedays it won't post, grrrr
Love Colton's pics, he is such a handsome lil guy and a happy lil one.

Sherry said...

yeah it worked this time!!!
Anyway was thinking no wonder Colton is so happy, he has the best parents in the world and the best family.
So happy your nanny is working out too, that helps ease your mind I am so sure. You know she can come here and won't have to look hard for laundry!! :)
Enjoy your day and keep on posting, I do read them. I check on here daily!!