Monday, September 27, 2010

A Great Fall Weekend...

What a glorious weekend!

Friday night we hung out outside with the neighbors for a while…the guys played football with the boys for a while, Ryan played with Zora for a while, and Kylie’s friend Belle came over for a sleepover. Finally, around 7:30 we decided that we should go inside and figure out what we were having for dinner :)

I ended up making the kids corn dogs and tater tots and the kids loved it! They also got cream soda which was a treat for them. We moved Ryan to his booster seat (we still had him in his high chair on top of the table!), and he felt like such a big boy sitting at the table with us! After dinner John set up a movie for the kids to watch on Kylie’s ceiling and they were set! Ryan went to bed and John and I talked for a while.

Saturday morning we got up and went to Joshie’s football practice. The weather was a little chilly, but the sun was out so it was a perfect football day! While Josh practiced, Kylie and Belle went and played on the playground, and I took Ryan over there a couple of times to play too. There were only three kids at Josh’s practice, so they had a lot of fun running and catching passes.

After practice, we changed clothes and headed out to go apple picking! I’m in the minority, and not really a fan of fall (mostly because I know the weather is getting cold, and I HATE cold weather!). But I LOVE apple picking, which is obviously a fall activity. So we drove about 45 minutes away and we were at the farm we go to most years to pick apples. We parked the car and set out. We picked before eating lunch, so of course, all the kids wanted to do was eat the apples, and they loved them! They had a lot of fun and we were done way too quickly. We went to the tent and grabbed some apple and peach cider, as well as some apple butter and peach salsa.

After that we headed out a little further and went to lunch at one of my favorite small-town restaurants (La Paloma). As we got closer, we noticed that Ryan was asleep, so we drove past the exit and went to see the Longaberger headquarters. For those that don’t know, the corporate building is in the shape of a giant basket, and John had just golfed over there and had seen it, whereas I have never seen it, so he really wanted to show us. The kids loved playing around it and touching it to see what it felt like. They were so amazed! We then went to eat and had a great lunch. We then made the hour drive home and stopped at Rita’s for some frozen Italian ice before taking Belle home and settling in back home.

The rest of the day we just hung around, and in the evening, we did a major clean-out of the playroom. It’s amazing how unorganized that room can get! Sunday we went to church and then came home and relaxed. It was just so chilly for me that I did not have any desire to go outside (I’m such a summer girl). I did take the kids to get new shoes and they were so great! The last time we took Ryan he screamed and cried for some reason – he did not want to put any shoes on! But this time they all did fabulous and I was so proud of them! The trip did make me realize that I would be OK with this baby being a boy…the boys each got one pair of shoes and Kylie got 3!!! I don’t think I can afford another girl :)

We have a semi-busy week ahead of us with football, softball and gymnastics, but hopefully it won’t be too bad :)


Sherry said...

Thatis the neatest "basket" I have ever seen in my life, wow. What a cool bldg, it is a bldg right?? :)
And those apples, oh yum yum, I love a good crisp fall apple, fresh apple pie , homemade applesauce etc heck yeah. And that is the only thing about fall I like, I am with you on being a summer person!!
Sounds like your weekend was great and not too hectic!!!
Love the pictures and hearing about your days and had to laugh, Kylie w/ her 3 pr of shoes haha, she is all girl, isn't she??

Anonymous said...

Fantastic gorgeous pictures!!!! Your family is absolutely beautiful!!!!