Thursday, September 16, 2010

22 Weeks...

I had my 22 week check-up yesterday. Here are the stats:

Weight: 147 lbs. (YIKES!)
Blood Pressure: 114/I can’t remember – this is high for me…I hope it doesn’t continue!
Heart rate: 148 beats per minute

So first for the weight thing – I honestly cannot believe I have gained 30 lbs. so far this pregnancy. What’s horrible is that I don’t feel like I look like I have, but numbers don’t lie, right? The only thing getting me through it is knowing that it should hopefully all be gone within about 7 months!

When the nurse went to try to find the baby’s heartbeat, the minute she put the Doppler on my stomach the baby moved like crazy. Every time she moved the Doppler trying to find the heartbeat, the baby wiggled away…it took her a while to finally get the baby to stay still so we could hear it.

The rest of the appointment was very uneventful. The doctor came in and asked if I had any questions or concerns, measured me (said I measured perfectly), and that was it.

Next appointment will involve that fabulous orange drink so that they can test my glucose levels. I just hope I don’t fail it again like I did last time and have to go for the 3 hour test!


Kellie said...

You do NOT look like you weigh 147. I weigh 145 and am NOT currently 22 weeks pregnant. Or 22 minutes, for that matter. You're beautiful!

So glad everything is measuring and sounding perfect!

I failed my first glucose test and had the awesome 3 hour test. Passed that! Hopefully you'll be fine the first round.


Sherry said...

Glad your appt went well and all is good, but mm you said your bp was hight for you, did the dr act concerned??
Weight pfft don't worry about it, you are beautiful and pregnant, so mm you will weigh more and that is a plus means you lil one is doing great!! :)