Monday, April 05, 2010

Last week was Kylie’s spring break. We had decided a while ago that we would not be going anywhere because the thought of trying to travel with Ryan right now makes my head spin. So John and I decided that we would take off Thursday and Friday and just hang out at home.

Unfortunately, leading up to those days off, John was working late every night. Twice he didn’t get home until after the kids were in bed. But it would all be worth it when we got to spend all that extra time together on Thursday and Friday, right? Maybe….

Thursday we decided to take the kids to COSI, which is a wonderful science museum we have in Columbus. We got there around lunch time, looked at a few exhibits, ate lunch, and then looked at more exibits. Kylie’s really getting into science, so she really had a good time. Ryan did really well…he would ride in the stroller and then I would get him out to run around when we were in areas that weren’t really busy. I had brought all of his “nap stuff” (real paci, elmo paci to hold, cookie monster paci to hold, and his mp3 player), and I would keep asking him “paci go nigh-night?” and he would emphatically shake his head and say “no.” Thankfully it really didn’t affect his mood…he did really well.

We ended the afternoon by getting Dippin Dots (my favorite) and just sitting and eating them. After that we dodged the rain drops and went home. The rest of the evening was relaxed and low-key while I made fried chicken for dinner and the kids played with John. We watched as it rained and then sleeted and then snowed all evening, very thankful that we didn’t have to go to work the next morning.

Friday we were awoken to John’s phone ringing. He finally got up and answered it and found out one of his clients was having a computer emergency. So he went into the office “for a couple of hours” (yeah right…I know what that means when he says it!), and the kids and I hung out all day. We had woken up to everything being covered with snow. No one had predicted this and the road crews certainly weren’t ready for it…it took John over an hour to get to work and it wasn’t even rush hour!

While the kids were napping (well, Ryan was, Kylie and Josh were “attempting to nap”), my neighbor came over and we discussed some recent events surrounding some recent events involving another neighbor, and then John finally came home!

That night was house church followed by the Buckeye basketball game. I had a lot of fun hanging out with everyone and we had some really good food to eat!

Saturday we went to a local market to get some cheap lunch meat and other goodies (like donuts, which Ryan of course loved), and then I took Kylie to gymnastics. It’s been a while since I’ve gotten to watch her, and I had so much fun seeing all of the new things she has learned! The rest of the day was spent with my sister getting her wedding invitations squared away. Some of her bridesmaids will be over this next Saturday to assemble all of them, so we wanted to make sure we had everything planned out.

Saturday evening Ryan started with a runny nose. I put him to bed, and at 10:00 he was up again, cranky. I started to get frustrated, but then I realized how lucky we had been this winter with no sickness, and I haven’t been up with Ryan in so long, so I really didn’t have a right to complain! I got him back to sleep, but he was up again around 12:00, and spent the rest of the night in our bed constantly waking up. At 6:00 AM he was up for good, so I took him down to the couch and we watched “choo-choos” (Thomas). Kylie and Josh came down at 6:30, which is so early for them, but with Ryan being so loud it was no surprise they couldn’t sleep! Josh told me as he climbed onto the couch that he just couldn’t fall asleep. I told him that was fine, he would just need to take a good nap that afternoon. Come to find out, he thought he had been up all night! He thought he had never fallen asleep at all!

Around 8:00 Ryan was ready to go back to sleep, so I laid him in his crib and I climbed into my bed. John took the other two kids to church, and Ryan and I were able to get some much needed sleep!

The rest of the day was spent doing laundry, playing, and wiping Ryan’s nose! He ended up taking three naps throughout the day and really was in a pretty good mood considering how sick he was.

John and I cleaned out our coat closets this weekend in hopes that by putting away all of the snow stuff we would be done with cold weather. I was a little worried because as evidenced this past weekend, you never know what the weather will do! But in seeing the weather reports, we’re supposed to get in the mid 70’s the second half of this week, with clear and sunny skies. I really hope that the warm weather is here to stay this time…I’m done with being cold!

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