Monday, April 12, 2010

Annual Scrapbooking Weekend Recap...

Another scrapbooking weekend was a success!

After work on Friday, John helped me finish getting everything ready for my weekend. This time we decided to move the couch out of the family room since there were going to be a lot of people there this time. This allowed us to stretch the tables all the way from the kitchen into the family room so that we could all scrap together.

John had booked a weekend at a local hotel with a swimming pool for him and the kids to stay at since they were booted from the house :) Kylie was going to a sleepover birthday party for her friend that night, so she stayed around with me until I had to take her over there. My parents offered to keep Ryan for the night so that John could have some one-on-one time with Joshie. We were really worried about everything we had to accomplish this weekend – Kylie to her sleepover, Kylie picked up in the morning and taken to gymnastics, Kylie picked up from gymnastics, Ryan picked up, and on Sunday, John had to pick up the Sunday school stuff, have all of the football stuff ready to go, after church, my dad had to bring Ryan home and John had to get Kylie and Josh lunch and then get them to Joshie’s football game. I asked John if he was nervous that we might lose a kid this weekend and he said “yes!” I tell you, there’s no way we could have done it without the help of my parents. I’m so grateful for their eager willingness to help us out with the kids and their acknowledgement that John and I need time together, as well as time with our friends.

John and Josh left around 6:00 and Kylie and I hung out until I had to take her at 6:30. All of my friends started arriving around 6:15. We had 7 scrapping on Friday night, with 6 spending the night. Everyone brought wonderful food to eat, and we all got busy scrapping. After a while we fired up the chocolate fountain, and most of us stayed up until around 1:00 AM.

I woke up the next morning around 7:00, but I hung out in bed for an hour. It was so nice not having to get out of bed if I didn’t want to, and it was so nice watching a girly-show while I was doing that :)

We spent the day scrapping, and eating, and watching TV. I easily watched more TV than scrapbooked, but it was so nice being able to watch shows that I would never be able to watch with the kids around. I know that’s why the weekend was so relaxing for me…I was able to do what I wanted, whether it be watch TV, scrapbook, or eat :) We had 8 girls on Saturday, and the day seemed to fly by way too quickly!

Saturday night we continued the annual tradition and went to dinner. We ate at a local Mexican restaurant and definitely enjoyed the margaritas! After that we walked over to our local scrapbooking store and had fun just wondering around and buying a few things.

We scrapped the rest of the evening, and around 10:00 I called it quits for the night. I made myself up some dessert and plopped myself on the couch to watch TV. I actually fell asleep on the couch and woke up to go up to bed only to find one of my friends still scrapping :)

Sunday morning John stopped by to pick up all of the Sunday school stuff. I went out to help him, and he said that Ryan was not happy. I went to say “hi” to all of the kids, and Ryan kept saying “et, et” (which means “out”). I decided to take him out and feed him breakfast so that John could get to church and get everything set up without worrying about him. My dad ended up taking Ryan to church with him, so it all worked out and I was able to get some scrapbooking done.

Joshie had his first football game on Sunday, so that meant that John had to leave right from church and go to the game. My dad brought Ryan home, and he fell asleep in the car. I put him to bed, and my dad packed up and headed to the game. My sisters and my sister’s fiancĂ© were also going to the game, which helped alleviate my guilt for missing it :( My family was so awesome…John had forgotten to bring snacks for the kids, so my sisters stopped and picked them up for us, and my dad brought something else to John that he had forgotten. It was a crazy morning!

Once all of that was cleared, I went back to scrapbooking. Slowly everyone started leaving, which of course was sad. The last people ended up leaving around 2:30, and I was able to get some things cleaned up before Ryan woke up (he ended up taking a 2 ½ hour nap!). My sister was hanging out for a little while before heading back to Michigan, which was nice. So we all went outside to play. It was so gorgeous outside and I had so much fun playing with the kids. All Ryan wanted to do was “weeee” (swing) and the kids and I jumped on the trampoline.

Once we got inside we worked to get homework done, dinner eaten, baths and the house cleaned up. When John and I finally collapsed on the couch at 9:30 we were exhausted! But we both had a wonderful weekend! He said he had a blast with the kids, and I of course had so much fun with my friends. And we didn’t lose any of the kids… :)


Sherry said...

I tell you I so don't know how you do it, but you do. You had everyone organized, taken care of, happy and everything got done, all while you were relaxing and scrapping. Dang your system to get things done just amazes me. Oh to be young, hahaha.
so glad to your weekend was so great, wow I need to start calling you "Wonder Woman" huh?? :)
Love your post like I said makes me feel like I was there. And dang when you mentioned the chocolate fountain, heck yeah I was wishing I was there, :)

Anonymous said...

Your weekends are AWESOME!

Seriously :)