Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A Great Monday!

Last night was a fun night…and what made it even better was the return of Front Porch Mondays!!!

This morning before I left for work, Jen, our nanny, informed me that this would be her last week working before maternity leave, which was a week earlier than we had planned. She told me that her doctor, who happens to be a male doctor in the same practice as my female doctor, had told her that she was dilating and the baby was moving down, and since she was full-term, she should take it easy. She felt so bad, and I know it’s not her fault, but I’m furious with her doctor! Are you kidding me? She’s freaking full-term!! I feel like I have talked to a lot of women with male doctors that tell them to take it easy and stop working…I’m guessing because they have no freaking idea what it’s like to have a baby. My doctor never said that to me, and I was huge and swollen with Kylie! Why didn’t she? Because she’s had 4 kids and knows that you just live with it! And what about moms that are pregnant with subsequent kids? All my nanny does is what any other mom does…she just takes care of the kids during the day! Could you tell a mom she needs to stop being a mom a couple of weeks before her due date?? Never!

Now if the baby was coming too early, or if there was something else “wrong” (i.e. high blood pressure, etc.) then I would completely understand, but even Jen acknowledged that nothing was wrong. But she’s a first time mom-to-be and just wants to do what her doctor tells her :( And like I said, I don’t blame her at all…I would do the same thing if I were in her position. I’m just mad at the doctor…

So anyway, I started immediately stressing about finding someone to watch the kids next week. I called John on the way to work and he was awesome…he told me not to stress and that he would take care of it. Later on that day he sent me an e-mail talking about how much he was looking forward to front porch Monday – just us and a glass of wine and catching up with each other!

As soon as we got home from work we went out to play. John and I took turns jumping on the trampoline with Kylie and Josh and pushing Ryan in the swing. We grilled some hamburgers and ate on the front porch.

After dinner the kids got baths/showers and we settled in for something that Kylie wanted to show us. She had come home Sunday all excited about how her teacher had shown her about having a clean and pure heart using water and food coloring. So we got her all set up and she gave us such a neat lesson!

After that the kids played their DSs for a little bit and John and I played with Ryan. At 8:15 all kids were sent up to bed and John and I headed out to the porch. It was so nice to be back again! We talked for a while and got into a serious discussion that actually took us away from the porch and up into our office to work on a solution to something that had been bothering us. At the end of the night there were hugs and tears and prayers and an overwhelming feeling of peace. So our first front porch Monday of the year was definitely a success!

The only downside to the day was the fact that Ryan got up twice in the middle of the night. The first time I was able to get to him fast enough, before he had sat up, and he went back to sleep. The second time, however, I was not so lucky. I rocked him and he finally stopped crying. After about 15 minutes I decided to put him back in the crib and see what he did. He was wide awake, but he just laid there and let me cover him up and give him all of his pacis. I swear that kid is an amazing sleeper! I kept waiting for him to start crying but he never did…he just went right back to sleep!


Sherry said...

Ah love your Font Porch Monday and so glad you are keeping it up. Every couple needs that time , it makes the marriage that much stronger.
Glad you got a lot accomplished too. See organization is the key and girl you are on that one!!!

Anonymous said...

I need a Front Porch Monday. Although, for me, it would be a Back Patio Sunday since that's really the only night the husband is home :(

You and your childcare issues! I feel SO bad for you to, once again, be thrown into a position to scramble for childcare sooner than you had planned. Hope it all works out. Want me to come out there for a week and take care of them?

Anonymous said...

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