Friday, March 19, 2010

Plans For The Weekend...

The last part of this week has been absolutely gorgeous! I have gone out for lunch (not really to eat, just to run errands) and it has been sunny and beautiful, and then when I get home from work, I run inside and change my clothes as fast as possible and head back outside until we’re all so hungry we have to go in to eat.

Last night our fantastic Bobcats played their hearts out and upset Georgetown, beating them 97 – 83. I am a die-hard Bobcat fan…we obviously have a huge history with that school, but I was expecting them to follow their normal path…get so close and blow it. I’m so glad that they didn’t, and now there are rumors about a possible Bobcat/Buckeye meeting…that would be a hard game to watch!

I’m only working a ½ day today…it’s going to be so gorgeous that I can’t stay inside another afternoon! John and I are also taking some time off next week since it’s spring break. We’re having a hard time with the fact that last year at this time we were in Florida, but I just can’t imagine traveling with Ryan, so while I miss the beach, I don’t miss the headache of trying to occupy an 18 month-old on a plane for hours :)

Tonight we have house church (yeah!), followed by the Buckeye game which will keep us up late and on the edge of our seats I’m sure. Tomorrow I have a brunch with some girls from church (we make omelets in a ziplock bag?), and then it’s going to be another gorgeous day, so I hope to spend the afternoon outside!

Sunday is John’s birthday! He hasn’t really told me what he wants to do yet, and I feel bad for him because it’s just us…everyone from our family is gone :( But I’ll cook him whatever he wants to eat, make him a cake, and we’ll give him his presents. No matter what, nothing can compare to spending his birthday at Disney like we did last year :(

Hopefully it will be a great weekend and we’ll get to enjoy the gorgeous weather as much as possible!


Sherry said...

I know your weekend will be awesome and the weather will co-operate too. Sunny and warm, sure can't beat that huh?
We love the omelets in the ziploc bags, amazing they come out but they do.
I feel I know you well enough now that I know Joh's birthday will be awesome for him. Don't feel bad it's just "you all" !!! John will be happy just spending time together and eating cake, I know he will. Your family is fabulous and anything you do together is great, so I know he will have an awesome day.
Enjoy your "busy" weekend!!!! :)

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