Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Monday Night Recap

Last night John took Josh and Ryan over to his sister’s house for hair cuts. While he did this, I got dinner ready, and then Kylie and I sat on the couch and watched Days of Our Lives.

Kylie first started watching Days of Our Lives over Christmas break when my sister and I had it on. At first I tried to shield her from it, but then my sister and I were remembering that my youngest sister was not much older than Kylie when she started watching it. I make sure that she does not see any inappropriate scenes, so outside of those, it’s more kid-friendly than most commercials for shows like CSI. I even tried to change the channel last night and she got mad…I can’t figure out why she likes to watch it; but then again, why do I like to watch it?

When the boys got home from their haircuts I was shocked…Ryan looked like such a big boy! He had his Thomas shirt on with some jeans, and his new big-boy haircut, and he just looked so old…where did my baby go?

After dinner I gave Ryan a bath and then we played and played. Kylie and Josh played “real Super Mario Brothers” and then Josh did some math and reading with John while Kylie read some books.

After Kylie and Ryan were in bed, I went through my pictures and ordered some new ones, and John and Josh played with Joshie’s DSi.

The night actually felt really long and that was nice. I got to watch a little TV, read a couple of chapters in a book while Ry-Ry took his bath, and had an overall good night.

Tonight Joshie and I are going to the CBJ game by ourselves! It’s sad, I don’t think Joshie and I have ever done anything alone together, so I’m really looking forward to tonight!

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Sherry said...

great posts I finally have the chance to get on here and try to catch up. Love the pic of the kids in the laundry basket. Hahah you spend a fortune on all the lastest coolest toys and the laundry basket wins every time huh
My company gone so back to my normal routine so keep your post coming I love them