Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Spring is Coming!

Good-bye winter!

The last few days have been wonderful. Partly because it’s still light out at 7:30, and partly because we have had some warm weather.

Monday night John took Josh to their last CBJ game this season. They went early so they could watch them practice, at which, one of the players threw Joshie a practice puck! Actually, he threw it over to John who gave it to Joshie. It says “Official NHL Practice Puck” on it and Josh was so excited!

While they were at the game, Kylie and I ran to the store while my mom was with Ryan, who was taking a really late nap. I had a lot of fun going with just Kylie! What surprised me was that she wanted to ride in the racecar cart. I thought she’d be so embarrassed, but she wasn’t, and I certainly didn’t want to say anything to her, so off we went.

When we got home, she wanted to make us dinner. A long time ago she saw a “recipe” for a meal in her kids’ cookbook, and ever since then it’s been her signature dish. So she got out all the ingredients and made her peanut butter, jelly and banana sandwiches for everyone. Basically, she uses a hot dog bun, spreads peanut butter and jelly on each side, and then puts the banana in like a hot dog. For Ryan, we just spread peanut butter and jelly on a banana and cut it up for him. I was fully prepared to give him a bath right after dinner since it would be a messy, sticky dinner, but he refused to eat it with his hands! He made me give him a fork and he was almost perfectly clean after dinner – no bath needed! Granted, I had to help him get almost every piece on the fork, but after that he was fine.

After dinner, my mom, Kylie, Ryan and I went downstairs. Ryan wanted to go down in the basement because that’s where the trains are, and Kylie wanted to play in the playroom (her mat and beam were there and she wanted to do gymnastics). So I stood by the door watching Ryan, and helped Kylie with her back handsprings. She’s pretty much got them by herself, I’m so proud of her! Then Ryan came up and we all played on the mat and wrestled and chased each other. Ryan found one of Joshie’s old ambulances that makes the siren noise and then goes by itself and he was in heaven!

Then Kylie went up to bed, I put Ryan to bed, and my mom went home. I made myself some dessert and settled on the couch to watch one of my favorite shows (Being Erica) that I’m of course, way behind on (thank goodness for DVR – so cliché but it’s true). I heard the ambulance noises through the monitor, so I knew that Ryan was playing for a while before falling asleep. John and Josh got home around 10:00 and the three of us watched some TV together and ate some snacks. I left them and went upstairs to bed around 11:00.

Last night it was gorgeous out! I got home and the kids were all playing on the swingset. I changed my clothes quickly and headed out. I took Ryan on the trampoline for the first time and he loved it! It took him a while to figure out how to walk, and he really didn’t want me to hold him and jump…he just wanted to walk around. After that we all headed up to the front yard and I took turns playing tennis with each kid out in the court. Even Ryan! Although he was playing golf/hockey with his racket and ball. Our neighbors came out when they got home and the kids all played together while we talked. I can’t wait for summer…this is a nightly occurrence in the summer, and there’s no worry about it getting chilly like it eventually did last night. And I wouldn’t have to worry about going in and making dinner because we would be grilling out!

The rest of the night was spent eating dinner, talking to Kylie, playing with the boys, and then bedtime. After the Cavs game, Joshie came up and laid with me in bed. It’s so sad to think that these precious times will be ending soon. This summer Kylie won’t have a reason to have to go to bed early, and then next year Joshie will have to go to bed early since he’ll be in school. So I’m treasuring this special alone time John and I get with him each night.

Today is supposed to be even nicer than yesterday, so I’m sure that after work we will be playing outside again and enjoying the gorgeous sunshine!


Sherry said...

aw spring is in the air and your family is still going strong, love it!! Love how you divide your time w/ each child, yet at the same time keep all content, playing well together and well basically respecting each other. You are awesome girl!!

Anonymous said...

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