Tuesday, March 02, 2010

A CBJ Date Night...

Last night Joshie and I had a date night. John had a meeting and was going to the OSU basketball game, so my mom came up and watched Kylie and Ryan so that Josh would still get to go to the CBJ game.

I loaded him up and we headed downtown to the CBJ game. It sounds silly, but I was a little nervous heading down there by myself and trying to find a place to park and everything. It’s silly because I used to work downtown, and had to park and walk every single day. But with not being down there by myself in over six years, it was a tiny bit intimidating. I was also worried about Joshie walking all the way from the car to the arena…normally John carries him on his shoulders the whole way, and I knew there was no way I could do that, at least not the whole way.

But I went ahead and Joshie and I had no problems getting there, parked and in to watch warm-ups. Joshie walked the whole way without a single problem or complaint! After warm-ups we headed up to our seats and listened to both National Anthems (because we were playing Vancuver) and cheered as they announced all of the players that had played on Olympic teams.

The first period lasted an hour! They stopped that clock so many times! At intermission, Joshie and I headed down to get hot chocolate and dippin dots. Then we watched the rest of the second period, and then he said he wanted to head out so that he could play in the game that was going on at home (CBJ vs. San Jose). I was so proud of Joshie because yet again, he walked the whole way with no problems (he actually ran a lot of the way pretending he was Mario).

When we left, CBJ was ahead 3 to 2, which means that we get free Chili from Wendy’s today (whenever CJB scores 3 goals, you can take your ticket into Wendy’s the next day for free chili), but then ended up losing in OT.

The night ended with CBJ winning in Joshie’s game, and him climbing into bed with me and me scratching his back while he fell asleep.

CBJ Game from Debbie on Vimeo.

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Sherry said...

What a fun time for you and Josh, and yeah I can finally play the video's too!!! Love the video haha especially when you asked who he was with and if it was wierd, I think that's the word you used. Yeah it was to him huh? But you can see by his happy smiling face he was loving it all!!!
See you are so great, you give each of the kids their "special mommy time" as well as doing w/ all three at once, So balanced and so loving, awesome is all I can say!!! :)
Have a great day!!