Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A Relaxing Weekend...

This past weekend was so relaxing!

Friday night was house church, which as always was a lot of fun. That night my dad had all three kids spend the night. I think he’s crazy, but he swears he loves it.

Even without my little alarm clocks, I still woke up at 7:15 on Saturday, which stunk because I really wanted to sleep in. I was able to get a bunch of laundry done and most of our tax return done before heading out with my neighbor to a local farm market. John was supposed to go with me, but as sly as he could, suggested that I ask my neighbor if she would like to go instead, so that he and my neighbor’s husband and all the kids watch basketball. It was a great drive to the country and once we were there we had a great time getting a ton of great deals on lunch meats and cheeses, spices and tons of other cool things.

I came up with the great idea of grabbing a bunch of different things and having the kids make their own trail mix. So I grabbed a bag of min-marshmallows (like the size in hot chocolate but soft!), mini chocolate chips, mini butterscotch chips, mini m&m’s, honey roasted sesame sticks, dried bananas, oyster crackers, and ABC pretzels.

Once we got home we hung out the rest of the day while the guys watched basketball. The kids all played wonderfully in the playroom together! Around dinnertime we decided to order pizza and watch the end of the OU game. Our neighbors went home after that, and my dad took the kids over to his house again (without Kylie because her best friend had come over to spend the night). My sister called me and I ended up talking to her for almost 2 hours!

Sunday we got up and went to church. John and I were teaching and had a blast with the kids! It’s amazing how easy it can be to get away from what you love when you’re in charge of something. John and I spend a lot of time organizing the two kids’ rooms and making sure we get all the kids checked in, etc., and often we forget how much we love being in the room with the kids. We love teaching them and singing songs with them and playing games with them. And most importantly, we love knowing them. Thankfully, with house church (a large amount of the kids in our Sunday school room also come to our house church), and our personalities, we know these kids super well, and they mean a lot to us!

We came home from church and I made “gourmet” grilled cheese with the meat and cheese I had gotten the day before, and then we sent the kids up for naps. Just as we were settling on the couch to watch some TV, each kid came out of their room. First Ryan woke up from his nap, and then Kylie came out saying she couldn’t fall asleep, and then Joshie came out saying the same thing. So we nixed the naps and played. I did get a tiny little nap on the couch for a little bit, which was just enough to give me the energy needed to play with all the kiddos. My dad was over off and on, and then towards the end of the afternoon my mom came over too. After dinner the kids took showers and then Kylie’s hair salon opened. She brushed and colored my hair and I was in heaven! She finished my hair off with a braid – she’s really getting good at them! Then she went down and did my mom’s hair.

After that we packed up the kids and they headed over with my mom. She switched her days watching them and is watching them on Monday this week instead of Friday. So John and I were able to watch some TV together, which was the perfect ending to our wonderful weekend!


Sherry said...

A perfect weekend for sure!!! You all pack so much into one weekend yet it'a all fun things and always involves the kids, which I love.
Glad you had a great weekend and even got a little alone time w/ hubby Sun night!!

Kim3278 said...

That sounds like an amazing weekend!! Even your relaxing weekend sounds hectic! You make me exhausted just reading it!