Friday, August 08, 2008

Movin' On Up....

My daughter goes to a fantastic gym for gymnastics (Buckeye Gymnastics). It’s a large building that has two sides…what my daughter calls “the big gym” which is for the big kids and has the larger equipment, and then the preschool side, which is just for kids up to six years old.

My daughter loves gymnastics. She loves it more than any other sport she’s attempted or thought about. I don’t think she’s missed a single weekly class the entire year we’ve had her at this gym…she would be too mad!

She had gymnastics last night. She normally goes on Wednesday nights, but since she was down with my parents, she took a make-up class last night. Along with her normal teacher there was another teacher. This teacher would periodically ask my daughter to do some things that weren’t in the normal rotation (i.e. she’d ask her to go to the mat on the side and do a backward roll, or a cartwheel, or a handstand. She’d also make my daughter do more difficult things during the rotation since the normal stuff was too easy for her (as her regular teacher normally does). My daughter was a little thrown by this, and even started crying at one point because she didn’t understand why she had to do harder stuff.

At the end of the class, her regular teacher came up to us and told me that the other teacher wanted my daughter to move up to the “big gym” for her next class. The smile on my daughter’s face was priceless! The warned us that she would be by far the smallest girl over there, but she would be fine skill wise.

I went to sign her up as she only has one more week left in her summer classes. I realized as I was signing her up that she had moved up three levels!!! So not only were they moving her up after having just moved her up last spring, but she was skipping two whole classes in between!

I’m so excited and proud of her! I had always told her she had to be seven before she could go to the “big gym” and here she is as a new-five-year-old going over there! She’ll be dealing with a lot as her new gymnastics class will start right after she starts school, but I think she’s strong enough to handle it!


Our Moments said...

That's AWESOME!!

Don't you just love it when you can be so proud of your kids? and it's even more special when they are incredibly proud of themselves!!


Amy W said...

How cool!!

Julie said...

that's great! our girls are starting gymnastics next month - they are very excited.

Daddy Dan said...

Maybe we'll see her in the Olympics some day!

Tiaras and Timeouts said...

That is so great! My girls are totally into gymnastics, too. I'm sure we will all be glued to it on the Olympics coming up~ maybe your little one will make it there one day! Check out my blog sometime!

Sherry said...

Congratulations to your daughter and "moving" on up two classes.
Gymnastics must be her calling, right? And I too wonder if we will see her in the Olympics someday!!!