Thursday, August 07, 2008

Golfing Time

My daughter has been down visiting with all the grandparents this week. My mom wanted to have one last long spell with her before she starts school. So she went down to get some one-on-one attention, which right now, she so desperately needs.

And we’ve been able to give my son some great one-on-one attention too. He’s honestly getting very spoiled :) Anything he wants I pretty much get…it’s so much easier with one child! Getting him a drink or a snack or whatever is much easier because he is so much more laid-back than my daughter. He wants some type of juice warmed up with warm water (we still heavily dilute his juice, and he’s not a fan of cold things, so it’s always warm). My daughter, on the other hand, has to take 5 minutes to decide what type of juice she wants, what cup she wants, and then she’ll change her mind completely once you open the refrigerator.

Monday night he and hubby stayed up really late watching Cars. Then Tuesday night we played outside all evening…baseball, golf, bocce ball and riding his jeep. Last night we headed to the driving range.

Now he loves to golf. And seeing him carrying his real club set is absolutely adorable. Hubby has taken him to the driving range a couple of times, but us girls have always stayed home because my daughter would be bored out of her mind. So I was very excited that I got to go and watch him. He was the hit of the place! All the old men thought it was great that he was starting so young, and all the girls just thought he was the most adorable thing ever.

He had so much fun taking turns with daddy (when he got tired hubby hit some balls, and then after he was rested it was his turn). I thought he did well, although hubby said he normally does even better.

Afterwards we headed over to Dairy Queen for some ice cream, which of course ended up all over my little man :)

My daughter comes home today. I think the hardest part of her being gone is the fact that every night when we get home my son asks us when sissy is coming home. He really misses her. He’s had to sleep by himself the last few nights and play by himself during the day. I know he will be super excited to see her today!


Daddy Dan said...

Wow, he looks like he already has a good swing. Too cool!

And how sweet that he misses his sissy!

Anonymous said...

He's so adorable!! I love the little clubs!! I also love that he misses his sissy. How sweet!!

Kelly said...

He's so cute! Gotta love brotherly, sisterly love!

Sherry said...

Those pics adorable watch out Tiger Woods!!!!!