Tuesday, August 19, 2008

It's Almost Time....

Last night was my daughter’s Open House for school. We also had a meeting for anyone new to the school to get basic info such as attendance policies, when and where to drop your kids off, etc. I love that her school is in our neighborhood because we all just walked right on over!

My daughter got to meet her teacher whom I’ve heard fantastic things about. She’s young and seems full of energy! The classroom is full of things all over the walls and on shelves and book bins…I think she will have plenty to do over the next year :)

Our school district is different from all the others around us in that she will go 2 ½ days per week…full days on Tuesdays and Thursdays and then Friday afternoons. All the other districts around us go 5 half-days with a few schools doing all day Kindergarten. Her first day will be this Friday, and of course hubby and I are taking the day off so we can take her and pick her up.

I love that at our school the Kindergarteners are in their own separate wing…away from all the other kids. I have to admit I’m a little scared of her getting trampled on by a big 5th grader :)

I learned that our next door neighbor will be in her class, so it will be nice for her to know someone the first day. The little girl’s dad has even offered to walk my daughter to and from school everyday if we want, since he’ll be walking his daughter anyway.

I was also able to write a check to load up my daughter’s lunch debit card, so on the days we don’t pack her lunch, she can just swipe it and go!

I have to admit it was adorable seeing my little thing walking the halls of this huge school. Even though she was shy at times, I think she’s really going to love being there, and I can’t wait to hear how her first day goes!


Anonymous said...

I'm excited to hear how her first day goes, too!! Do we get pictures?!

I love how the school is set up--away from the bigger kids, not all day. Sounds great!!

Amy W said...

That is such a strange schedule! But then again, my kid goes to school year round, some would say that is strange...

Good luck, get lots of tissues for yourself!

Sherry said...

Oh my gosh reality sets in huh? Your daughter officially in school. I so hope you took tons of pictures. Just so exciting for a little on and yep a tad traumatizing for mommy and daddy huh? She will do fantastic and will love it and make tons of new friends!!!

Kelly said...

You'd be surprised how 5th graders respond to little tikes!! They are very caring and are very protective around them.

I would like to see pictures as well!!

Let us all know how she does!

radioactive girl said...

I have to laugh at your "big 5th grader" comment because I HAVE a 5th grader now and she is still my teeny tiny baby in my head. I remember when she was in Kindergarten and I thought they looked giant though. I hope everything went well! How exciting! My kids first day was today.

Anonymous said...

I'm so excited for her... and you!!!

I'm curious to see how you like the full two days vs. the five half days... Our district is in the process of changing over (but with two full days and every alternate Friday). I've heard mixed reviews... (right now we're still in 5 half days...) But I know that by next year, when she is in SK, she'll be on your schedule, and will Michael.

I, personally, am mixed. Without having actually experienced either.

Good Luck!!!! And I, too, would love pictures!!