Monday, August 18, 2008

Beautiful Weekend!

What a gorgeous weekend!

I got out of work early again on Friday and spent the whole afternoon outside with the kids. I didn’t even make them go in and take nap…we were having too much fun! One of our neighbors also had the afternoon off so they came over and hung out with us too.

Friday night we put the kids to bed early (since they didn’t have a nap) and watched the movie 21. It was pretty good…I didn’t really like the ending.

Saturday morning we woke up and took the kids to a sibling class at the hospital where I’m going to have the baby. They learned how to change a diaper and how to hold a baby. The best part by far was the tour of the post-partum rooms and the nursery! That’s pretty much the only part my son enjoyed…he doesn’t have that “motherly” instinct and kept bonking his “baby” (aka “teddy bear”) on the head.

Here are some pictures (ignore the fuzziness...I forgot my real camera and had to use the camera on my phone):

After this we went to a pizza party for my daughter’s t-ball team. There she got her first real trophy. I love watching how excited she gets every time she tells someone about her real trophy.

Saturday afternoon we just hung around the house and relaxed. That night I had some friends over for a scrapbooking night. I got a few pages done and thoroughly enjoyed the chocolate fountain :)

Sunday we went to church and then took a 3 hour nap. I have been running around so much lately that my body had just had enough! After that we had a great time outside the rest of the evening.

Tonight we have Open House for my daughter…I can’t believe her first day of school is just 4 days away. I’m so excited and yet so nervous for her at the same time. I’m hoping I feel better after the Open House tonight and after some of my questions are answered (like how and where do we drop her off/pick her up????).


Daddy Dan said...

Sounds like you had a nice weekend, Debbie. I'd never heard of those sibling classes...sounds like a great idea!

Sherry said...

First of all you will get all your questions answered when you go to your daughter's open house. And yeah school starting all ready wow. My granddaughters in Idaho start on Wednesday, where did the summer go???
Next the sibling classes, like "daddy dan" I have never heard of them but what a great idea. Your daughter looks so into it and your son, haha just having fun, like you said no motherly instinct but darn cute no matter what.
Your daughter will be the "mother hen" I bet, but hey that's good for her. She will be so proud of her new baby!!! :)
Your weekend sounds perfect that's for sure. Glad you all had a great one.

Anonymous said...

I love the sibling class. What a great thing :)

Sounds like a fantastic weekend!!

Jillian, Inc. said...

Too funny about your son and his "baby". Can't believe school is almost ready to start for your daughter!

Christy said...

That sibling class is such a fantastic idea! Hmmm, wonder if our local hospital has anything like that?

So glad you all had such a wonderful weekend.

Anonymous said...

I dream of having three-hours naps...!!