Monday, August 11, 2008

Great Weekend!

What a fantastic weekend!

I got off work around 12:00 on Friday and went and met my mom and kiddos for lunch. After lunch I decided this was a good time to start shopping for my daughter’s school supplies. She had so much fun with me walking through the store trying to find what she needed. The hard thing is that she doesn’t understand (nor do I really) that these won’t be her supplies. In our school system, you all buy the exact same things and throw them all together on the first day. So when picked up the ugly green binder, she was almost in tears saying that the kids were going to make fun of her for having such an ugly binder. I reminded her that all the kids would be bringing this ugly binder and she felt a little better. It does make me a little mad though…why on earth can she not have a pretty pink or purple one? I remember school supplies making the whole school thing a lot more fun because they were what I picked out and the colors I liked. Anyway…

After shopping we went home and the kids and I went down for a nap :) Afterwards we went to Cheesecake Factory for my late birthday dinner. We sat outside and had a great time in the gorgeous weather.

Saturday we went to a neighborhood bike rodeo and met some of the new neighbors which was nice. Then we did some work around the house, and then while the kids were napping hubby helped me with the software that goes with the fantastic birthday present that my parents got me: A Cricut machine!!! I love this thing so much! While hubby was working on the software I made a couple cards for some people using my Cricut.

Saturday night we ran a couple of errands, one of which was to get my daughter a backpack. There were two places she wanted to go…Toys R Us had the character backpacks, and then Justice had a green and pink one that she really liked. She looked at the character ones and decided that she liked the Justice one better, so we headed over there to buy it.

Sunday we went to church and then went to get a paper shredder. While we were in the store we checked the price of the new cell phone I want. Hubby was going to get it for me for my birthday, but his rep told him that the price would go down in about 3 months, so we decided to wait. However, Best Buy had the phone for $100 cheaper than even his rep could get, so we decided to get it. This is my new phone, and I LOVE it! I have been carrying around a phone and a PDA with my contacts and calendar, so now that I have one thing it is so much easier!

Sunday afternoon we played outside and did some work while the kids were napping. Our friend that had moved was in town for the weekend, so we finished it off with dinner with her and some other neighbors, which was really nice.

Of course we had to watch some of the Olympics last night (especially men’s swimming…go USA!!!), so I’m extremely tired only getting 6 hours of sleep :)

This week my son is down with my parents, so our daughter is an only child this week. She was crying when my mom and son left, saying that she was really going to miss her brother…but I think she’ll bounce back quite easily when all of the attention is on her :)


Anonymous said...

You're a busy girl :)

I don't get the school supply thing, either. That was one of my favorite things going back to school--being able to pick out my new stuff.

Love your new phone!!

Sherry said...

I don't understand why you have to get the school supplies then toss them for all to use. So doesn't make any sense huh? I know my granddaughters love to pick out their supplies pretty colors and I agree with you that's the fun of it.
So glad you got the cricut machine, I have seen those and they are AWESOME!!!! And your phone too, wow did someone get a tad spoiled this weekend?? :)
Good you deserve it!!! And I know your daughter will love her one on one time.
Glad you had such an awesome weekend!!!