Thursday, April 24, 2008

Very Weird Dream and Baby Update

Yesterday my daughter told me that she wants to have a baby. Why? So she can be a mom. Why? So she can go shopping and put stuff in the cart all by herself. So apparently that’s what comes with having a baby :)

Because of this conversation I’m sure, I had a dream last night that she was pregnant. Yes, my daughter, and yes, she was still 4. It was scary! We were running through the hospital trying to find labor and delivery because she was having contractions and then her water broke. Only my dad said “her eggs broke” (not sure what that was all about). In the dream it did cross my mind that her body was too little to have a baby, and I was a little worried about her, but not as worried as I should have been!

Thankfully I woke up before we even got into a room. I would not have wanted to see how that dream turned out! But I do think it’s funny that I had that dream after having that conversation with her.


I had another doctor’s appointment yesterday (isn’t it sad that after the first baby these monthly doctor’s appointments become a pain? I mean, you don’t learn anything new and yet an hour of your time is wasted). The heartbeat was 150. We also scheduled the big ultrasound for 3 weeks from yesterday. I’m so excited! But, not as excited as most as we won’t be finding out what we’re having. We’ve had two surprises so far and I loved it so much. I also made the appointment as late as possible because I think we’re going to take the kids to it. I’d like to get some opinions on that…I know my daughter would love it! But I’m worried that if the doctor finds something wrong (I’m such a worry-wart) we won’t handle it well, especially if the kids are there. But I know the chances of that happening are slim, so my gut says to take them. What do you think?


Anonymous said...

Freaky dream!! But, I love her reason as to why she wants a baby :)

Bring them with you. I highly doubt anything is wrong. I think your daughter would love to see the new baby!!

Kelly M said...

WOW, what a dream! I definitely think you should bring your kids with you to your appointment. They would love it. I'm sure nothing is wrong.

Julie said...

Take 'em. God forbid anything is really wrong I'm sure the Dr wouldn't discuss it in front of them or do anything to alarm them.

Sherry said...

I agree w/ all of the above, taking them with you will show them they are a part of the new baby. The excitement as the arrival day gets closer will be with them and see the new baby will be welcome w/ open arms.
Your daughter wanting to be a mom, :) Just for the shopping that is so cute!!!

radioactive girl said...

My kids were with us each time I was pregnant and had an ultrasound. For the last pregnancy my oldest was almost 6 and totally understood everything.

Kelly said...

I'd take them! I think we may opt for a surprise with our next baby... I am both excited and freaked out about that.

And WHAT a weird dream you had!!

Rachel said...

Now that's a crazy dream! I say take them. I wish that we had taken Kaylie when I was pregnant with Alyssa (Haley wasn't even 2 yet).

Amy W said...

That's a hard one, and with Ashley only 2 1/2 when Audrey was born, I thought she was too young (under 2) when we had the ultrasound for Audrey.

So I have no answers for you :).

Christy said...

Yeah for waiting to find out, I love surprises!

As for taking the kids, I totally would! It think it is important for them to be involved and what a neat experience.

Anonymous said...

First off, doubtful that anything would be wrong. Second, is it not usually just the ultrasound technician that does the ultrasound, records the measurements & whatnot, then sends them off to the doctor for the real analysis? So if, God forbid, there is anything wrong, you wouldn't hear about it right then and there?

And second, if indeed it is your doctor preforming the ultrasound and he/she knows the results immediately, surely he/she wouldn't be so daft as to say anything to upset your children!!!

And third, holey moley I'm impressed with how detailed your dream memory is!!!!

Sabrina said...

When I was pregnant with my first child, I dreamt that I had just given birth and drove to Kmart to buy a breast pump. On the trip back, our car bumped and the baby flew out of the window. Seriously. And when I went to pick up the baby, he started talking.

I had the weirdest dreams when I was pregnant.