Friday, April 18, 2008

Random Thoughts...

-I’m so busy at work again :( Luckily this time will only last 2 ½ weeks! And thankfully it’s not near as stressful as year-end was.

-I get to go and have a massage tomorrow! Hubby surprised me with a gift certificate during my really stressful time in February, and I’m just now getting to use it. I can’t wait…an hour of just laying there and relaxing!

-My sister is coming into town! Yippee! I haven’t seen her since we went to Michigan 1 ½ months ago.

-We're probably going to go and see Expelled on Saturday, which I can't wait for!

-My dad got my son boxing gloves. You wouldn’t have thought he was at Disney World with how happy he was last night with his gloves on boxing everyone. I meant to get a picture but I forgot…I will get one this weekend though…he’s so cute!

-I believe I felt the baby kick! I’m doubting myself because I didn’t feel the other two until I was 20 weeks, but I’m pretty sure a couple of times it I felt it!

I hope everyone has a great weekend…it’s going to be a little colder here (65 degrees as opposed to 78 like it will be today) and rainy, but I don’t care…it’s the weekend!


Anonymous said...

Hope you enjoy your massage :)

We're having the same weather--78-80 today and down in the 60's by Sunday.

Relax and have a great weekend :)

Sherry said...

Hey I am having my massage tomorrow to awwwwwwww I love them.
Glad you sister is going for a visit, well help you relax and have fun during your busy time at work.
Boxing gloves, how cute.. I will be waiting for pictures of him, he is so darn cute anyway, so now want to see him boxing.
Yeah over here hey are forecasting snow, huh??? Dang it's April.
So now your son boxes, your daughter gymnastics and now new baby kicking all ready, mmm a football player!! :)
Have a great day

Jill@Who Could Ask for Anything More said...

Have a great weekend. Enjoy that massage!

radioactive girl said...

I have never had a massage! I need to do that soon!

Have a great weekend! It is so warm out right now here, but about to rain.

Rachel said...

I hope you enjoy your massage!! I bet it was the baby you felt. You've done this twice now, so you notice things sooner each time.

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Kelly M said...

Ohh...hope you enjoy your massage! You totally deserve it! As for the baby kicking..very exciting!

As for it being cold, hmm yeah I'm waaaaayy out in WA, and it is friggin snowing! I left NY in 80 degree weather and a winter full of SNOW and now on my vacation it is SNOWING...ugh..

Enjoy your weekend!

Anonymous said...

The first kick... that brings back wonderful memories! Enjoy!!

And boxing gloves, huh?! What a terrific boy-gift idea!!

Amy W said...

Totally jealous about your massage!!