Wednesday, April 02, 2008

April Fool's Day

So yesterday was April fool’s Day. I’ve never been into it…probably stemming back from when my mom tried to get me to play a trick on my dad when I was about 7 or 8 and I couldn’t do it without laughing. Thankfully I don’t have anyone around me that is into it either, so no jokes are played on me.

My in-laws had the kids for the afternoon yesterday, and my daughter was taught what an April fool’s joke was. When I got home, she asked me where my other earring was and when I was checking to see if I had really lost one, she yelled out “April fool’s, gotcha!” Later we got hubby together by telling him he had something on the back of his pants.

The rest of the night my daughter was trying everything to trick us, and she and hubby went back and forth a bunch of times. I think it ended when he got her really good by telling her that her Easter basket was empty and her candy was all gone. She ran over to him upset and as soon as she got near him he yelled “April fool’s!!” She was laughing hysterically.

So while I’m not really into jokes and tricks, it was such a fun night trying to trick her and watching out for her tricks!


Sherry said...

haha your daughter did get into the day didn't she? That's good fun and nothing that would hurt anyone, which is the way it should be.
Haha love that she got you w/ your earring!!! But yep your hubby had the last laugh on her w/ the basket being empty. I am so sure there were lots of "giggles" flowing through your house last night!!!

Christy said...

Thankfully we aren't into the whole April Fools thing in our family. It might also stem from my inability to keep a straight face in any situation also, or that if a joke is played on me I don't always take it really well :)

Anyway, glad you all had some good laughs.

Kelly M said...

Thats so cute! I'm with you and have never been much into the April Fools thing. I think it is mainly because I forget about it!

3XMom said...

This was the first time my Kindergartener knew what April Fools was too. Very cute. I tagged you here:

Do with it what you will (including ignore it!)

Anonymous said...

Y'know... I hadn't even realized it was April Fool's... guess soon enough my kids will get into it too... But it sounds like your daughter got the hang of it very quickly!!