Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Spoiled Kids

So everything is going great with the new nanny. My son in the car last night even said “I loved my nanny” (still working on his tenses).

She takes them shopping and to the park, and pretty much anywhere else they want to go. The only problem with her? She has a hard time saying “no.” She “made the mistake” of taking the kids to McDonald’s her first week, and then the week after, and now every time they pass a McDonald’s the kids want to go and eat. Every time they go anywhere the kids (and it’s mainly my daughter) asks the nanny to buy her something (which ranges from candy to notebooks and pens to toys). She’s taken them to Target a couple times to get some things from the dollar aisles.

Yesterday I came home and the nanny told me that she had bought my daughter and her daughter matching dresses. She said my daughter claimed that she didn’t have any summer dresses. Well of course she doesn’t…it’s not summer yet and we haven’t been shopping yet for warm clothes since it’s been 40 degrees the past 3 days.

I told the nanny that she needs to tell them “no.” Although secretly I do love that she spoils them…I figured if she didn’t care about them or her job she wouldn’t put the energy into taking two little girls into a dressing room to try on dresses.

But seriously, my daughter needs to stop asking for stuff!


Anonymous said...

How nice that the nanny does all that!! I think you're right--her doing it is another sign she cares about them. But, I agree that she should tell them no--it's just going to make it tougher on her down the road and you guys.

I'm SO happy the nanny is working out so well....must be a huge relief to you guys!!

Sherry said...

Sounds like your nanny is hooked and is loving her job to the max!!!! It's nice that she is treating your children with such love and care, eases you minds tons right?
But yes she will have to say no once in awhile or else you and your hubby will be the ones suffereing later on down the road.
Right now it's harmless "pampering" and I feel your children have been brought up right and it won't really get out of hand. You have a handle on the yes and no factor and I know the children respect you for that!!!

Kelly M said...

Thats great the nanny is working out so well. As for buying things, I agree she wouldn't if she didn't care. As for you daughter...she's testing the boundries still....once she's told no a couple times..it will all probably end! But I'm glad they like her..she sounds wonderful!

Julie said...

Does she ask you to pay for the items she buys the kids? I would be worried about it continuing if she did.

Rachel said...

It is nice that she is willing, but kids are not stupid and they will take full advantage of her, for sure!