Thursday, April 17, 2008

A Cool Movie...

I know Ben Stein from “Win Ben Stein’s Money.” I always loved watching that game show, although now I have no idea why.

So when I was told that he had created a movie documenting his quest to find out why it appeared that scientists and teachers who were shut down because of their discussions of Intelligent Design, I was more than intrigued.

See, I’m the type of person that believes what I want to believe. I really don’t care what other people believe, as long as they don’t try to tell me their way is the right way and there’s no other possibilities. Evolution is the perfect example of this. While I believe we are always evolving and adapting to our surroundings, I don’t believe that we came here from nothing. I believe in God, and I believe that he put us here. I get angry that my kids will be taught in school that evolution is how we came to be, and that teachers won’t state it’s a “theory,” but will state it as fact. Again, I don’t care what everyone else believes, but that is not what I believe and not what I will be teaching my kids.

All I want is for them to talk about the different theories of how the earth and mankind came to be. Then, depending on the kids’ ages, tell them to go home and either talk to their parents or decide for themselves how they think the earth was formed. Let each person make their own decision.

And Ben Stein must have read my mind! OK, not really, but it appears he and I are on the same page. The movie starts tomorrow and hubby and I are all set to go and see it. Check out the link below…even if you totally disagree with me, I would think that based on the trailers to this movie he’s got a point…why is it that the first amendment applies to every other subject except where we all came from?


Sherry said...

Now see you and I think alike, and that movie does look interesting, I may have to net flix that one!!
I don't like some of the teaching in school and that's why we always eat supper as a family and discuss the day. Nip anything that shouldn't be in the bud the same day. Let the children be open minded but also let them know your beliefs. When they are older they will have your wise teachings and then can decided what they believe in.
Keep up in your ways and I like that you are firm on your beliefs and not swayed by others.

Kelly M said...

Yes I agree that everyone is entitled to their opinion. No one is wrong because it's an opinion. I can't stand people who think their way of thinking is the ONLY way and that they are ALWAYS right! The movie looks really good..I may have to go see it!

Anonymous said...

The movie looks interesting. It seems like something hubby and I would be in to. While neither of us has a particularly close or comfortable relationship with religion, I've never understood the war between creationism and evolution. I mean, I studied as a biologist. I am a scientist, I believe in evolution. But I also see how you can believe in intelligent design. Why can't they go hand in hand and both be correct? Nature is a beautiful entity and the artistry in the ways things have changed and differ is amazing. Religion and science do not have to live in separate rooms.