Tuesday, April 29, 2008


I lived for softball from elementary school through high school. I loved the sport and I loved that I had something that I could do with my dad (as a girlie-girl, there really wasn’t much else). So I decided to sign my daughter up for t-ball because I thought she and I would have so much fun together practicing and playing.

However, now I’m rethinking my decision. Every time we go outside she doesn’t want to practice…she wants to ride her bike or play with the other kids. My adorable little too-young-to-play-on-a-team little boy, however, plays with me all the time and is actually quite good.

Tonight is her first practice. It’s going to be a high of 50 degrees today. I’m not holding out much hope that she’ll instantly love it and want to play all the time. I have a feeling that I wasted $85. But there’s always a chance, right?


Anonymous said...

I'll keep my fingers crossed for you...!

radioactive girl said...

I signed my son up too, and now he is saying he "never wants to play". Luckily they don't start until June so maybe I can talk him into it by then. I hate wasting money on these kind of things but the only way to know if they like something is to try it and see...unfortunately about half the time it is money wasted!

Daddy Dan said...

I hope she likes it. At that age the kids don't even really pay attention to the game itself, usually, they just like being out with their friends and wearing a uniform.

Have fun!

BTW, what position did you play?

Rachel said...

Sounds like how Kaylie was with soccer. She didn't like it.

I played softball for years too, but I didn't start until I was around 10 so maybe she will be interested when she gets older. Or, she may start practices, make some new friends and end up loving it!

Edie said...

It's hard when they aren't immediately interested in what you want them to be. Who knows, she may hate it now, but love it in 5 years!! It's a good experience for her to play, but if she hates it, that will be fine too.

It sounds like your son *really* wants to play!! :)

Sherry said...

I hope she gives it a chance and like it. I think the "team" concept may help, but then again at that age, it's hard to say.
Now with your son into it all ready, you know he will love it when it's his turn.
It's too bad they charge so much because some kids just don't take to certain sports, but you never know til you try.
Good luck at practice!!

Julie said...

I bet she likes it in the group setting!

Kelly M said...

HAH too cute..you never know. She may get there and see everyone else playing she'll join in and love it! Good Luck!

Amy W said...

Something else we have in common! I loved softball, played through high school and beyond.

Ashley can play t-ball here next year, and I can't wait!

Anonymous said...