Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Disney Trip - Day 6

So Thursday morning we got up bright and early and headed over to the Animal Kingdom. Now, I’m not an animal person (translates “I really don’t like animals”) and my daughter is a lot like me (she told me “animals smell”), so we would have been happy skipping the park altogether. But my dad really wanted to go there, and my kids do love the Lion King, and that is a huge theme there, so off we went.

The first thing we did was the Festival of the Lion King. This was a live show with awesome effects and acrobatics…definitely one of the best things I saw at Disney! Then we got some breakfast and went on the Safari ride. Even though I don’t like animals much, this was really, really cool! We drove right by a Giraffe! I could have touched it! We also saw a ton of other animals, and I was amazed when the guide told us that you could fit the entire Magic Kingdom inside the safari area and still have 30 acres left over!

After that we went up to Rafiki’s Planet Watch. When we walked in we saw that Rafiki was there, along with Pocahontas and Jiminy Cricket! And there were no lines to see them! My son adores Rafiki, so he was in heaven! They also had the animal hospital up there which was really cool!

After this we went down and had some lunch and then headed back to the hotel. The kids needed to get a nap in before we headed to Downtown Disney.

Unfortunately, my daughter ended up only getting in a 30 minute nap before I had to wake her up…we were heading to the Bippity Boppity Boutique! When we got in there she was just in awe! My poor little girl with such a sensitive head was such a trooper! And her hair and make-up and nails looked gorgeous! She loved being pampered!

After we were done there we went outside and the kids saw Santa, and then we went and ate dinner. After dinner we walked around the stores a bit and then had to leave…the little sleep for my son was doing him in and he was making hubby miserable! So we headed back to the hotel and began packing up our stuff as we were checking out the next morning :(


Anonymous said...

So sad the Disney trip is over :(

lisa's chaos said...

Sounds like the kids should have had a wonderful time! Santa too, how lucky! Hope you're feeling a little rested now.

Sherry said...

The animal park sounds so neat!! For not like the idea it sounds like you all have a great time there.
Bippity boppity Boutique how cute is that one??
Your trip has been fantastic and even I can't believe it's time for you all to check out all ready!!!!
All your post have been wonderful and so full of detail I love them and thanks for taking the time to write them.

Amy W said...

My kids weren't good at Downtown Disney when we were there.

Edie said...

Pictures, pictures please!! I'd love to see your daughter all dressed up after her makeover!! :)