Thursday, December 20, 2007

Disney Pictures - Set 5

Yeah!!! It’s almost Christmas!!!

Today is our cookie and gift exchange at work. Our admin informed us we weren’t allowed to bring in gift cards this year because “it’s more fun with actual gifts.” Whatever! So I actually had to find a gift that was around $25 – yes, I’m one of those gift card people when I’m shopping for someone I don’t know that well (or when I don’t know who I’m buying for). I also made my 4 dozen cookies (with lots left over) and arranged them neatly on my train for our exchange.

I guess it’s official, my family will be here for Christmas starting as early as this weekend, and we’ll have a big Christmas Eve dinner, and then we’ll get up and open presents on Christmas day. Then they will leave for a while and my in-laws will all come over for dinner. Then some or all of my family will come back over when they leave (my sister that’s in Michigan is off for the whole week, so she’ll be here visiting). As crazy and stressful as this is, I’m really, really excited!

So I have a ton of work to finish up today, cookie/gift exchange at 3:00, and then only working ½ day tomorrow. I’m just ready to be in full-fledged Christmas no-more-work mode!!!

Here are the last of the Disney pictures:

The kids with Santa:

My son wanted nothing to do with him and would NOT sit on his lap! But he would give him five!

My daughter by her favorite princess:

Hubby having fun with Photoshop :)


Amy W said...

I wish I had photoshop!

Love that last picture....

Ali (oops) said...

What great pictures!!!! Looks like a fantastic time!

Thank you for your comment...

I have started a new blog, private from friends & family this time... it's Hope to 'see' you there!

ChrisB said...

Photoshop is great ~ it's amazing what can be done with the pictures.

Have a lovely Christmas.

Anonymous said...

Photoshop is on my list for Santa :)

lisa's chaos said...

Isn't it funny how kids like Santa, then don't, and next year he may love him. :)

I really like that last photo with the pink rose. :)

Rachel said...

Hey, a high five is more than some kids will do!

Sherry said...

Your hubby did great with photo shop. Love the Mickey one and I agree just having the pink rose is so awesome.
I am sad cause you sad it's the last of your Disney pics, BUT then thought; yeah lots of Christmas pics will be rolling in.
Oh you know I so envy you for having your huge family Christmas!!! That is going to be great for everyone, stress, well some, but so worth it.
I am glad you are having the time off from work though, that's a huge plus.
Yeah like you "gift cards rock" but dang how dare your boss spoil that huh??? :)
Hope your cookie and gift exchange went well and you are having a great day!!!

Edie said...

Great photos!! I love the photoshopped ones!!! :) I wish I had time to do photoshop on my pictures!!

Jill@Who Could Ask for Anything More said...

Cute photos (again!) - love that last one. I am all about gift cards, too.... and honestly I think people really like them the best. Marry Christmas!

Christy said...

Good luck with all of the dinners and family! It sounds like it will be a memorable Christmas for sure with everyone there. Hosting is fun too, you just can't let it stress you out.