Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Disney Pictures - Set 3

I know you are probably all sick of pictures, but I have more :)

Things are going pretty well in normal life right now…I’m sick, and my son’s sick and has/had pink eye (it’s clearing up nicely). Work is still really stressful, but I’m off starting Friday afternoon until January 2nd!

I’m still not done Christmas shopping yet, but I’ve got a lot of it done and my sister is coming over to babysit tonight so that hubby and I can go and do more without little ones around.

I baked a bunch of cookies this past weekend and hope to do some more over the next week!

Alright, on to some more pictures!

Mickey and Minnie - my son kissed Minnie's hand and Mickey was getting so mad :)

My daughter with June from Little Einsteins at Hollywood & Vine at MGM:

The kids with JoJo at the same restaurant:

The kids with Goliath:

We waited in line 1 hour to see the Cars characters. We were lucky though, the weather was absolutely gorgeous and it was a nice break! My kids LOVE the movie!

My son LOVES Toy Story, and he was Buzz Lightyear for Halloween, so seeing these two made his day! Between the Cars characters and the Toy Story ones, we were finally making up for all the princesses we had been seeing!

One of my absolute favorite pictures of the kids with Rafiki from the Lion King:


Edie said...

Ah! The pics with Minnie/Mickey and with Rafiki are my favs!! :)

Dani said...

You know we could never tire of pictures. Your kids are adorable.
The Rafiki picture is really good.

Good luck shopping tonight. It is so much easier to shop without little people running the show.

Anonymous said...

LOVE the Rafiki picture!!

Amy W said...

I was lucky in that my kids don't really care for the Cars movie!!

Rachel said...

I definitely have to agree with you, that pic with Rafiki is wonderful!!

Sherry said...

Dang it's way too hard to pick a favorite picture. The smiles on the kids faces in each pic tells it all. But yeah I do liek Rafiki but fell in love with Golaith. Dang I need to rent some kids so I can get to know all these charactures.
So glad you will have time off over the holidays. And I bet you and hubby get all your shopping done this time out!! Tick tock the big day is approaching FAST!!
Love the pics and I will never tire of them.
Get better all of you!!!

Shari said...

You're super cute little ones look like they had a fabulous time...

Daddy Dan said...

Very cute!