Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Disney Pictures - Set 4

Hubby and I were able to get some more presents for the kids last night (they really, really don't need anything else, but it's just so hard to stop!). And I got one of my daughter's presents in the mail yesterday from Tori at radioactive girl. This lady is absolutely wonderful! She knew I wanted to get my daughter a camera for Christmas but I was having a hard time deciding which one to get, so she sent me one that her kids had used and liked (because they are getting another one for Christmas).

Again, the Christmas spirit has surrounded me and I'm so thankful for the wonderful people that I have met through this blog. Tori, you are fantastic!!!
I guess we've decided to have my family's Christmas at my house as well as Christmas with the in-law's (long story). So now I have to make sure I have enough food for two sets of people that will be there on the same day. We'll do Christmas with my family in the morning and during the day, and then hubby's family will come over for dinner. I'm honestly very, very happy about this!!! I love entertaining and my house looks so very nice all decorated right now (I will try to take pictures that capture the beauty of it).

So tonight I have to make some more cookies for my cookie exchange at work. I would also like to try to get some sleep :) I wonder if that will happen?

Here are some more Disney pictures (did you think I was done???):

Here are the kids with Pocahontas:
Here they are with Jiminy Cricket:

Here is my daughter at the Bippity Boppity Boutique. She got to pick her tierra color, nail color and make-up colors, which she loved!

Only one more day of Disney pictures, I promise!


Dani said...

I am loving the pictures.

I am jealous that you get to spend Christmas with both sides of the family. It's so nice that you enjoy everyone's company and that your house can accomadate everyone.

Anonymous said...

LOVE the last shot of you and her--she looks so much like you!!

Sherry said...

what do you mean only one more day of Disney pics, I want MORE!!! Love them!!! I agree with Kellie, LOVE that shot of you and your daughter.
Can't wait to see pics of your house all decorated!!! And a celebration of Christmas all day long, now how fun is that. I am so sure you are the most gracious hostess and everyone will have a wonderful time.
Remember to "snap snap snap" pic of the big day!!!

ChrisB said...

I have enjoyed seeing all your photos. They bring back memories of my trip there about four years ago.

Rachel said...

Great pictures and the boutique shots are soooo cute!!!

The Dummy said...

Those are some GREAT pictures! You're really making the most of your trip!

Edie said...

Oh!!! She looks so beautiful!! I'm so glad you guys were able to do this. It really looks like she enjoyed it. Look at her blowing her nails dry! Too funny!!