Monday, December 10, 2007

Disney Trip - Day 5

So the plan was to sleep in today but unfortunately the kids didn’t get the message and they were up at 8:00. But we took our time getting ready and the kids actually watched a movie this morning. We ended up heading out for MGM around 12:00. We had lunch reservations at 1:20, so we decided to be safe and just drive over (the buses have been taking a while getting us to the parks).

Once we got there we had enough time to catch the High School Musical show. For those of you that have seen this, unfortunately for us, it was different. I was prepared for a parade, with great instructions on where to sit and how to be in front. But when I noticed that hubby and my daughter were the only ones in line with only 15 minutes left until it was supposed to start, I knew something was wrong. I went off in search of another autograph book for her (she had already filled one up), I wasn’t shocked to see a sign that the HSM 2 show had been moved. So we got down there as fast as we could (behind all the people that had already seen the sign) and watched a show, not a parade. I thought it sucked. It’s the only thing so far here that I really didn’t think was up to the Disney standard. They didn’t try to get people that looked like the HSM characters, in fact two boys had microphones and only one girl did, and my daughter actually said to me “I can’t figure out which one is supposed to be Sharpay and which one is Gabriella.” And their dancing was horrible! The girl that had the microphone and that was singing, hardly danced at all. But my daughter liked it so we stayed. After the show, which ended right at the Tower of Terror, I got our Fast Passes for it so we could go after lunch.

After that we ran over to our lunch reservation at Hollywood and Vine. This restaurant was really cool and it had really good food. The kids got to see JoJo and Goliath, and Leo and June from The Little Einsteins. Our server was also fantastic. We ended up being there for about 1 ½ hours and had to run to make it in time to do the Tower of Terror. My daughter kept telling us she really wanted to go on it, so we took her. She was more scared of the whole Twilight Zone theme and the ghosts and stuff than the ride! She actually did fantastic on it! She keeps telling me that her belly was gone! I was really, really proud of her.

After that we headed over to where the Cars characters were going to be. We got in line at 3:35 and they weren’t coming until 4:15, but there were already 15 people in front of us. We lucked out because the weather was gorgeous (high of 73 today) and we had a band play 80’s music for a portion of our wait. It really went by fast! When Lighting McQeen and Mater finally came out my son jumped up and down and shouted “Lighting, Lighting!” They loved touching them and I’m so glad that we got to see them.

After we saw them, we snuck in a little alley and got to see Woody and Buzz! My son’s whole trip was made…the Cars characters and now the Toy Story gang! And both the Woody and Buzz “characters” were fantastic with the kids!

That’s pretty much all we ended up doing in MGM…it’s definitely not geared for little kids, but we still had a lot of fun. We were going to do the Voyage of the Little Mermaid, but my daughter is terrified of Ursula, so we ended up not doing it. We headed back to the hotel around 6:30 and the kids took a nap before our 9:10 dinner reservation at O’hana at The Polynesian (hey, when you book a trip last minute you take what reservations you can get!).

The Polynesian was gorgeous and dinner was fantastic! We could see Cinderella’s castle lit up for the Christmas party and it looked so gorgeous while we ate! The food was so good and the atmosphere was wonderful.

After dinner we went to the gift shop and I got my scrapbook for the trip and was surprised to find out it was 50% off! I’m guessing it’s because it said “2007” on it. After shopping for a little bit we headed back to the hotel for some much needed sleep!


radioactive girl said...

We actually loved the HS Musical show, but maybe that is because both my girls got pulled in to perform with them. I wonder if yours was an off day for the performance? Although I remember not being too impressed with it, just that it turned out really fun because the girls had such a good time.

Did you also see the Power Rangers? When we were there, the power rangers came right after Cars in the little parade thing and then you got to meet all of them. My son was in heaven seeing them. I actually didn't know they were Disney, so it was a happy surprise for us. Email me your address if you want and I will send you a Christmas card (the green power ranger is in it).

I forgot to get scrapbooking supplies while I was there! I haven't even printed out any of our pictures yet because I have no place to put them yet. Maybe some day I will have some free time to catch up on all the pictures!

Julie said...

Wow, I'm impressed that our kids were in good moods to eat dinner at 9 - I'm not even sure I would be! : )

Anonymous said...

I, too, am impressed the kids were in good spirits and ate that late :)

Sorry HSM sucked!

Sherry said...

Fun fun day only one downfall HSM sorry that turned out to be a bummer. But I am sure the rest made up for it.
The weather wow, great temps huh? I am so wishing I was right there with you!!
Glad your trip is so exciting and so full. Dinner at 9pm wow but I bet it tasted yummy!!

Amy W said...

Yea, MGM isn't the greatest, but they have the good characters...

Rachel said...

That's a long day!! My kids would have been whiny and fussy and full of attitude!

Edie said...

WOW!! Very long day, but sounds like a blast!!