Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Panic Attacks

I seriously think I’m having a ton of little panic attacks. We are officially closing on our new house on December 20th, and I feel like there are 10,000 things that need to be accomplished before and after this. I need to make sure our appliances get there (I ordered them myself because I get an awesome GE discount since I work for the builder, and if I would have ordered them with the house they would have cost me 3 times as much). I have an awesome construction supervisor that is letting me get my appliances in before we close (this is normally absolutely not allowed if you are doing your own appliances), so I need to make sure that they are delivered at the correct time so that I am not holding him up in any way because he has to let them into the house. I also need to decide on my financing…that’s right, still haven’t locked my rate. I have to do that today. And then of course I need to pack up our little apartment-thingy. While this doesn’t seem like a whole lot, there’s more, and I know I’m inflicting this on myself, but like I’ve said before, I have a plan, and you can’t mess with my plan. My plan is to have Christmas in my new house. Or at least to be able to enjoy my week off with the kids not doing anything. So this means that we have three and a half days to move everything in, unpack, and pain the kids’ bedrooms. Even as I type this my heart rate is accelerating and I’m breathing heavier and I have this very heavy feeling in my stomach…but I really want my kids to come home on Christmas Eve and to spend the whole day backing cookies and decorating the tree. So now beforehand I have to decide how I’m going to paint their rooms…my daughter’s room will be fairly easy…I’m painting each wall a different pastel color and then putting up Disney Princess wall stickers. My son’s on the other hand will be a little more difficult – it will be a Buckeye theme, so we’re thinking about painting the walls to look like a Buckeye helmet.

I know that I can do this…even if I get very little sleep. And moving will be so much easier this time because we are at the end result…this beautiful new house that has a gigantic kitchen so I can do all the cooking I want! And all of the kids toys can come out of storage! Which by the way I’m totally using to my advantage and as an excuse for a light Christmas this year for the kids (don’t worry, by “light” I still mean a ton of presents…I usually go way overboard).

Alright…I need to stop writing now and get back to getting everything for the house organized and what else am I supposed to be doing? Oh yeah, working.


Amy W said...

I don't envy you, sorry! Moving and the holidays? I would need drugs or alcohol to keep me sane!

The Dummy said...

How stressful! Just remember to take a breath every once in a while.