Tuesday, December 19, 2006

No More Bloggin At Work!!!

OK, so I can no longer access the blogs at work. Which completely and totally sucks! And we don’t have internet at our crazy little apartment. But we get to move into our new house in 5 days!!!! I’m so excited! Here’s the timeline of my next week:

Sunday Evening: Kids go with my dad down to my parents’ house
Monday Morning: Get up and pack a little
Monday Afternoon: Go into work
Tuesday Morning: Walk through the new house with the construction supervisor
Tuesday Afternoon: Pack up the apartment
Wednesday Morning: Go to work and enjoy office Christmas party
Wednesday 2:00: Close on new house!!!!!
Wednesday Evening: Paint kids’ rooms
Thursday All Day: Mover’s bring all boxes and furniture to the house; sister and I
unpack while hubby runs cable to rooms it’s not in yet and put in
pantry shelves
Friday All Day: Unpack boxes and get house ready for kids
Friday Night: Go and pick up kids and bring them to the new house
Saturday: Finish Christmas shopping and wrapping and celebrate Christmas with
hubby’s family
Sunday: Bake Christmas cookies, go to church, hang out with kids and relax!
Monday: My whole family comes over and celebrates our first Christmas in the new

Phew! I think it’s doable, don’t you?

Last Saturday we went and did pictures…what a nightmare! The family ones turned out great, but we had a bad photographer and the kids’ ones were horrible! So they let us come back in on Tuesday and re-do their pictures. The two photographers that did them were fantastic! We had so many great pictures it was hard to choose. I pick them up Monday night, so I’ll scan them in and put them up so that everyone can see my adorable kids!

That’s about it…I have no idea when I’m even going to be able to get this post up, but we get road runner at the new house a week from today, so at least I’ll be able to post from home in a week!

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