Friday, December 08, 2006

Random Updates

OK, so who wants to come and help me? Panicking still, but I know I have no choice but to accept it and move on. We’re starting to put together an action plan, which will help, and I’m actually taking people up on their offers to help (so anyone reading this that would like to help, don’t offer unless you really mean it because I’ll say “OK” :) ).

I have bought the following items for my son's room: (it’s OK if I cheat a little bit, right?)

And (very cute!)

I’m about to go on and order my daughter’s princess bedding and stuff, so hopefully their rooms will be all set for them when they come home. This brings up a little problem I have…I put my son down for bed last night (usually very easy, he just rolls over and goes to sleep) and he sits up and starts crying. I ask him what’s wrong and he says “sissy”. He was mad because my daughter hadn’t come to bed yet. And sure enough the minute I brought her in he turned over and went to sleep. What am I going to do when they have their own rooms again? Here I was worried they wouldn’t be able to share a room!

Last night we did a fun thing…we went to Chuck E. Cheeses, because our apartment/hotel is practically attached to it! But really it wasn’t crowded, and hubby had fed the kids before hand (I had dinner with a friend that is moving far away (crying :( ), and the whole 1 ½ hours of fun only cost us $20. It really should have only cost us $10, but hubby and I were having fun winning tickets for the kids :)

We have our Christmas family pictures tomorrow, and of course the kids have been sick :( This stinks because whenever my son gets sick his upper lip gets all red and chapped, so all week I’ve been drowning it in Aquafora (is that right?) every night before he goes to bed. That stuff is amazing! His lip is not bad at all…nothing a little concealer can’t fix :)

OK, now for my announcement: I think that I will win mother of the year award this year! Know why? Because I have managed to get my daughter Baby Alive and my son TMX Elmo…and I didn’t spend more than the normal price for Baby Alive and only $10 more than the retail price for Elmo. Yes, you can all give up the fight, the award is mine this year…better luck next year :) But honestly…the fact that I am doing this for my 3 and 1 year-old is insane!!! This should not happen until they are at least 5!

OK, I need to get back to work now. We will be at the house this weekend, of course, so I will try to remember my camera so that I can show you pictures of the house that we will be moving into in 12 days!!!

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Anonymous said...

The stuff is totally cute!! Their rooms are going to be adorable. Are you coming over to do my kids rooms? A Virginia Tech room would be great :)