Monday, October 16, 2006

A Weekend In Review

Wow, what a weekend! Friday night we went over to h.h. Gregg Fine Lines to look for appliances for our new house. This of course was after we sent in our signed acceptance on the offer on our house! Then Saturday my mom, myself and my two kids all headed to the outlets to get them some winter clothes. Thankfully the outlets are only about 45 minutes away, and we were there from 1:00 until 9:00 that night and only went to 5 stores. I hate shopping for clothes for the kids…it really stresses me out! Thankfully I was able to get out of there with almost all of their clothes and some Stride Rite shoes (that’s right, normally $47, I got them for $29.99!) for just under $500. I think it’s a bargain really, but it stinks because I didn’t really need to buy my son any pants (his from last year still fit), and I still need to get him some church outfits, so if I was doing full shopping it would have probably been around $600 or $700. But I really only shop twice per year, and I know that I got them good clothes, and since we’re planning on having two more kids, I need these clothes to last!

On Sunday we went out to a pumpkin farm. Guess how much it cost??? $8.50 per person over 2 years old! I was ready to turn around and leave, but it had taken us a good 25 minutes to get there, so we all decided we should go in (thanks Dad for paying for us!). Honestly though, it was worth it! They had a petting zoo and lots of mazes (including a hay-bail one set up for the little ones). Then they had this huge barn with huge hay piles and really good slides where you slid down into the hay. Then we took a hay ride out to the pumpkin patch and picked out pumpkins. After we did that, we went into the little market and bought pumpkin doughnuts (I’m not a big fan of anything pumpkin, but these were GOOD!!). It really was a wonderful way to end the day. Here’s a link to the website:

Not it’s back to work and packing things up at home! We close October 25, but get to stay in our house until November 29. Our new house should be done within the first couple of weeks in December…come on M/I, build our new house fast!!!


Amy W said...

Your new house is beautiful. What are you going to do if it isn't done by the time you move out?

CPA Mom said...

That's why I always shop for my kids at the bi-annual local consignment sale. I outfit them both for about $200 and then I usually make that much back with what I sell. I almost never buy anything new except Stride Rite shoes.